Kokorogawari Full Version (English Visual Novel)

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Kokorogawari Full Version (English Visual Novel)

Kokorogawari Full Version (English Visual Novel)

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Kokorogawari Full Game is a GxB romantic drama visual novel set in modern-day Japan. Through the main themes of the narrative- family, the visual arts and the complexity of relationships- we aim to bring you a story that both visual novel newcomers and veterans can enjoy!

Review Game Kokorogawari Full Version (English Visual Novel) :

Kokorogawari is an intense ride with a tremendously satisfying payout at the end – and that’s only with two routes completed as of yet! I can only imagine what the incorporation of the third route will add to the experience.

So, Kokorogawari (referred to henceforth as KKG) is at its core essentially what it describes itself as – a GxB otome human drama visual novel. Play as heroine Asami Matsubayashi and follow her as she makes some very difficult life-changing decisions regarding her future. If you’re looking for a blank slate self-insert, you will not find one with Asami, as she is just as developed as every other character in KKG. She has struggles and flaws of her own, and she eventually finds comfort in the presence of one of the pursuable men – as of now, that means either Shinichi Koga or Yuuya Takahara. And you can’t go wrong with either one!



I’ll lay out the rest of my review as a Pro/Con comparison for easier reading, since I tend to ramble.


Absolutely stunning visuals and music
Each route is easily 5-6 hours playtime – good end only! Bad ends are one “chapter” in length and are ~1.5 hours
Believable romance and drama
Well-rounded characters who break free of their tropes

The price (I was a high tier Kickstarter backer so I paid more for extras anyway, but $30 for a game that at first only has two routes is steep, especially for indie game standards)
Can be a bit buggy at times – Asami’s sprite won’t display for a few lines at a time; textboxes have nonsense broken Ren’Py coding; some SFX seem to loop with a jarring “mic drop” sound
Obvious con, but there are only two routes available at the time of release. The third route will be patched in at no additional cost, but this is still a con.


A lot of content can be triggering to those with trauma (I won’t spoil anything, but just keep this in mind)
There is a lot of emphasis on the importance of family (this is listed in the game’s summary) and as such, expect to spend a lot of time with characters’ feelings regarding their familial relationships
Non-renamable, non-self-insert heroine

In short, I highly recommend KKG to people who like slice-of-life, character-driven stories, heartwarming and sometimes bittersweet romantic buildup, and crying. This is a very well-written game that accomplishes what it promises.

Title: Kokorogawari SKIDROW
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Precatio
Publisher: Precatio
Release Date: 31 Aug, 2018

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    (I’ve only tried one download so far, I’m in the middle of trying one of the other links to see if it works differently)
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        This is what I did but I keep on getting
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