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Visual Novel Game Ken ga Kimi For PC Windows

Ken ga Kimi PC Game Free Download

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Heroine Kayo is the little girl of a food and tea house who is living with her dad in Edo. At some point, a Tokugawa samurai accompanied a request forever and demise, that is, masking as the princess and participating in the bogus wedding parade. The samurai said that Kayo and the princess are two peas in a pod. Believing that the food and tea house would be difficult to run in the event that she denies, Kayo set her heart to acknowledge this task and began her excursion in Tōkaidō. In this visual novel Ken ga Kimi PC Game Free Download, you will assume the part of Kayo to communicate with the samurais. You can handle the storyline with various determinations and open 24 endings of 6 primary characters.

Ken ga Kimi has been widely praised since it was first delivered in 2013, and now you can encounter both the first story and new substance in improved on Chinese, customary Chinese and Japanese!

Ken ga Kimi

Ken ga Kimi

Review :

Easily the best otome game I’ve ever played. Both the story and heroine are great which is rare in otome games and the cast is very charming.
Worth learning japanese for.

TITLE: Ken ga Kimi
GENRE: Adventure, RPG
English language not supported

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