Undertale v1.001 Free Download

Skidrowrepacks.com – Free download Undertale v.1001 Full Cracked by SKIDROW for PC windows is the best game I have ever seen and The best music I have ever heard. Undertale v1.001 Free Download is a role-playing game where you don’t have to kill anyone. Undertale Full Version has reminded me how fun old style rpg’s can be. I’m really enjoying it so far as well as the unique mechanics it introduces in battles. It took a while to get used to, but once you do, its something you look forward to each time you enter a battle. Newest version of the DRM-Free edition of Undertale directly from Humble Bundle, NOT Steam!

Update 31 Jan 2015: add undertale v1.001 steam version
Undertale v1.001 Free Download

Undertale v1.001

Download Undertale v1.001

Undertale Update – v1.001 :

  • Blue attacks are a different shade of blue, one that’s easier for colorblind people to see.
  • no longer uses his 4th battle intro opening variation. (Now he repeats the 3rd variation where he says “ready?” before doing his opening attack.)
  • Many enemies have altered stats when you use Check. Mettaton has altered Check dialogue for a couple of his encounters.
  • The piano puzzle will show you the solution if you wait long enough in the statue room. It floats in and out of existence above the statue’s head.
  • Calling Papyrus’s Phone twice in the first floor of Alphys’s Lab offers new dialogue.
  • Papyrus has new dialogue if you spare him on a Genocide route and inspect the bone box in his bedroom.
  • Sans’s first drawer in his secret lab has altered dialogue IF you spoke to Clamgirl in Waterfall.
  • Additional dialogue occurs if you select “Fight” on the Annoying Dog in the dog room.
  • The “abc_123_a” sound file has been altered. The “abc_1111_0” sprite image has been altered.
  • Gaster follower encounters that were previously locked to capitalized “Fun” values now require no file editing to encounter and can be found with normally-generated “fun” values.
  • Various minor bug fixes, graphical fixes, typo fixes, etc.

Game Title: Undertale v1.001 Free Download
Genre: Indie, RPG
Developer: tobyfox
Publisher: tobyfox
Release Date: Sep 15, 2015
Free Download Link Undertale v1.001 Full Version – 116 MB:

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24 thoughts on “Undertale v1.001 Free Download

  1. Name? Does it matter? Trust me, I'm real.

    Aight, I have no idea if it’s just me doing something wrong in the process or if it’s supposed to do this, nor do I know if this applies to every one of the links provided, but the file I downloaded from the last link provided is not DRM-free as stated above. It’s a demo, and it ends just before you exit the ruins. I don’t know if the fact that it came from the Humble Bundle and not Steam has anything to do with it, but yeah. I don’t know what’s up with that.

    Just a little heads up, people.

    1. Name? Does it matter? Trust me, I'm real.

      These people are not kidding when they say in one .txt file that the game is “provided for evaluation”. I’m going to try the other links now and hope for something special.

      1. Name? Does it matter? Trust me, I'm real.

        OKAY, forget everything I wrote above. Apparently I accidentally entered the so-called “Hard Mode”, which is apparently actually a thing that happens when you name your character “Frisk” and actually ends at the end of the Toriel encounter. I didn’t know.

        Welp, that’s what you get for going into the game blind. Now I’ve to re-setup the entire thing. I thought you’re supposed to name that guy “Frisk”, no?

        1. Namae

          Is it really updated?…. don’t know how to identify if it’s updated or not…. my friend said that if it’s updated.. there’s clamgirl on waterfall… unfortunately, there’s no one… if there’s… can you please give me a pic…? Thanks in advance…

          1. Well in this update the shade of blue attacks is darker rather than a light blue for colorbling ppl thats a thing that definetly came in
            clamgirl ? she comes in only if u increase ur fun values

    1. Pewcia

      dude never EVER press the biggest download button
      there are no viruses so maybe u did something wrong
      *ps dont trust pop-ups either

    1. Pewcia

      DONT even try
      if its asking for pass dont even try thats the virus version which comes out of ads yes the name might be same but different file so dont open it unless you want a virus on yer pc
      ive tried it once and dude its bad

  2. puffy birb

    for everyone’s safety, don’t press the huge download button at the top, if you wanna unlock the download link you should at least do one of the tasks needed e.g. subscribe to their youtube channel 😀

    then they’ll give you a couple of links for a non-steam and steam version of the game

  3. Dexter Morgan

    That was the most ad infected page I’ve ever seen, but it’s totally worth it. Just be smart on which download you hit, and to destroy keep spamming the “X” on those adds. Thank you for the download my dude.


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