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Latest update and all DLC game We Who Are About to Die Free Download released on 20 September 2023 for PC Windows by SKIDROW REPACKS. We Who Are About to Die Full Version is a standout title in the realm of indie gaming. It offers a fresh take on combat, and an immersive gladiatorial experience.

We Who Are About to Die Free Download

Cracked by: SKIDROW
Game SIZE: 5.7 GB

The Ultimate Gladiator Experience: We Who Are About to Die

In the realm of gaming, where countless titles vie for your attention, “We Who Are About to Die” emerges as a true gem in the crown of interactive entertainment. As ardent gamers, we understand the importance of discovering unique, engaging, and unforgettable experiences. And that’s precisely what this game promises to deliver.

Early Access: A Window into Gaming Evolution

We believe that Early Access is a brilliant strategy for a solo developer. It fosters a dynamic synergy between creator and player, allowing the game to evolve and flourish based on real-world feedback. This partnership between the developer and the gaming community is the crucible in which “We Who Are About to Die” will be forged into something extraordinary.

But let’s address the burning question: How long will this journey last? The developer, a lone trailblazer, states that it’s challenging to provide an exact timeframe. However, a prudent estimate suggests a span of 8-12 months for this game to metamorphose into its final form. Patience, as they say, is a virtue, and we firmly believe that the wait will be worth it.

Early Access vs. Full Version: What Lies Ahead?

The Early Access version of “We Who Are About to Die Free Download” already enters the gaming arena with most of its core features intact. It offers a fully immersive experience replete with character growth, progression elements, and a healthy dose of content to keep you hooked. However, this is just the beginning of a grand adventure.

The final version (v 1.0) will usher in a slew of exciting additions. Brace yourself for a deluge of fresh content, including more traits, items, arenas, backstories, events, and a bevy of new features. This isn’t just an expansion; it’s an evolution. Controller support, localizations, novel game modes, and more await on the horizon. To grasp the full scope of this transformation, consult the Official Discord channel for an exhaustive roadmap.

We Who Are About to Die Full Version We Who Are About to Die

The Current State: A Glimpse into the Arena

As of now, “We Who Are About to Die” stands tall, showcasing its major core features and a substantial chunk of in-game content. The combat system, rooted in physics and strategy, provides an intense roguelike experience, where your character’s growth and equipment customization add layers of complexity. All features outlined in the ‘About’ section is already woven into the fabric of the game.

However, it’s important to acknowledge the presence of potential balancing issues and minor bugs. Rest assured, these imperfections will be diligently addressed and refined over time. The developer’s commitment to delivering a polished masterpiece is unwavering.

Pricing: A Constant in the Shifting Sands of Development

Wondering about pricing? The game’s cost is expected to remain consistent at full release. This means that whether you join the fray during Early Access or wait for the grand finale, your investment will be equally rewarding. The price tag won’t be a hurdle on your path to becoming a legendary gladiator.

Community-Centric Development: Your Voice Matters

“We Who Are About to Die” places a premium on community involvement. The developer actively listens to feedback and considers player suggestions as essential building blocks for the game’s evolution. The Discord community serves as a thriving hub for this collaborative journey. The synergy between developer, player, and the game itself is what sets this experience apart.

Join the Arena: Become an Aspirant

As we conclude this exploration of “We Who Are About to Die,” we extend an invitation to you, dear gamer. Step into the grand arena, embrace the unforgiving challenge, and become an Aspirant, striving for glory and legend. This isn’t just a game; it’s an odyssey, a testament to the indomitable spirit of solo game development, and an opportunity for you to shape its destiny.

To those about to game, we salute you!

System Requirements

Before you free download game We Who Are About to Die, ensure your system meets the following requirements:


  • OS: Windows 7 x64
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-750, 2.66 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 670
  • Storage: 6 GB available space

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