Dangerous Village Tradition – 鬼鎮村の危険な因襲 – Free Download

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SKIDROW Repacks – Visual Novel Dangerous Village Tradition – 鬼鎮村の危険な因襲 – Free Download released on 25 October 2023 for PC windows and cracked by SKIDROW. Dangerous Village Tradition – 鬼鎮村の危険な因襲 – is a visual novel game that depicts a married couple who have moved to the countryside being manipulated by the strange local tradition of “Onibarai” (Demon Purification). Eventually, they find themselves unable to escape the stimulation of this tradition.

Dangerous Village Tradition - 鬼鎮村の危険な因襲 - Free Download

Dangerous Village Tradition – 鬼鎮村の危険な因襲 – Free Download

A Bishojo Game released in 2016 under the “Black Currant” brand has been reworked for the “PandaShojo” platform for players around the world to enjoy.

Introduction Game Dangerous Village Tradition – 鬼鎮村の危険な因襲 – Free Download

After refusing to participate in the “Onibarai”, the harassment by the villagers continued.
Every day, their well-tended fields were vandalized, and even the windows of their house were shattered…

“Even so, I… want to live with people who coexist with nature.”
Ayako was firmly resolved. Even if it meant ultimately betraying Yuto…


Yuuto Sumii and his wife Ayako moved to a rural village after getting married. Contrary to the closed-off image often associated with rural areas, they were warmly welcomed by the villagers who surrounded them with a cheerful atmosphere. Despite the inconveniences typical of the countryside, they were determined to build a happy life.


In this village, there was something fundamentally deranged. The “Onibarai” tradition. A tradition where several young women from the village were selected to act as lovers with men dressed as demons.

Yuuto got entangled in it, and even his wife, Ayako… Gradually, they were engulfed by madness, manipulated by the villagers. Trapped by the dreaded tradition, can the two of them ever regain their peace…


Ayako Sumii

“I want to spend my whole life in this village. Even until I become a grandmother.” Yuuto’s wife Ayako is very kind and manages both household chores and farming work. They have just recently married and are enjoying their newlywed life. Due to Ayako’s wish, they moved to the countryside, and Yuuto feels a slight sense of indebtedness as he adapts to the inconveniences typical of the countryside.

Chinatsu Suzubayashi

“I’ve finally become accustomed to it. So please, just leave it be.”
She has an outstanding figure, but she’s a shy girl who struggles with social interactions having grown up in the village. While tending to the village’s general store, she met Yuuto when he came shopping. She has been participating in the “Onibarai” since childhood and sees the tradition as perfectly normal.

Misaki Toudou

“Wonderful… I wanted to be with a cool guy like Yuuto.”
She has a straightforward personality, with her charming features being her blonde ponytail and smile. Misaki Toudou takes extreme actions in her desire to possess Yuuto exclusively. She has an interest in the “Onibarai” and moved to the village before the protagonists did.


A resident of the same village who is a freeter. He participate in the “Onibarai day and night.
Acting on instincts, he tries to approach Ayako, whom he met for the first time.


The village chief who oversees the “Onibarai”. He pretends to be a kind elderly man with a forced smile.
But his true nature is the embodiment of desire. Under the guise of a ritual, he indulges with young women day and night in a cave.

Yuuto Sumii

A city dweller who moved from the city to the countryside after marrying Ayako.
He initially found the ritual repulsive, but after participating himself, he lost his resistance to it.

鬼鎮村の危険な因襲 – Dangerous Village Tradition – is a nice game PC. Download Dangerous Village Tradition Full Game and playing now this PC game.

鬼鎮村の危険な因襲 - Dangerous Village Tradition -

Game Title 鬼鎮村の危険な因襲 – Dangerous Village Tradition – SKIDROW Repacks
Length Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Developer CyberStep, Inc., Rideon Works Co. Ltd,
Publishers CyberStep, Inc.
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