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SKIDROW Repack – Download and playing Parkitect Full Version for free. Game Parkitect Version 1.1 Full Crack is a business simulation game that charges you together with the construction and management of carnivals! In other words, you build the rides and manage the parks, and management is the vital thing! The parks need planning, more planning than simply where you should put that crazy rollercoaster. Lay down the infrastructure to eliminate trash and deliver supplies for the shops quickly. Hire staff to perform your shops, rides and attractions, and ensure to keep them happy.

Parkitect Full Version

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Parkitect Full Version Features :

  1. Build and manage unique theme parks
  2. Design and build your own rollercoasters
  3. Hire staff and fulfill their needs so they keep the park maintained and operating smoothly
  4. Build an efficient transport infrastructure to ensure the shops in your park don’t run out of stock
  5. Maintain the Illusion by hiding the “behind the scenes” parts of the park using scenery
  6. Upgrade the park with advanced systems and transit options

Parkitect Version 1.1 Changelog :

  • added confirmation dialog when removing rides
  • added: saving/restoring the sizes of resizable windows
  • added confirmation dialog when trying to save over a different existing savegame
  • added employee status to staff list entries
  • made trash bags automatically disappear after a while (for now)
  • improved building paths from raised station entrances/exits, simply click on the entrance/exit tile and start dragging (worked before, but requires less precision now)
  • fixed coaster segments sometimes not being properly deleted, Wing Coaster seemed to be particularly prone to this
  • fixed: sometimes stuff got deleted that shouldn’t be deleted (when auto-deleting something overlapping, such as trees)
  • fixed doubled finance view entries for January, Year 0
  • fixed missing collisions on Chinese Food stall
  • fixed Ferris Wheel using too much CPU time
  • fixed guests sometimes using employee paths as shortcuts
  • fixed problem with calculation of drop height rating of tracked rides that lead to all kinds of weird side-effects
  • fixed a case where guests would get stuck, most commonly on station platforms
  • fixed fence build previews not disappearing if canceling build with Escape
  • fixed excessive amounts of bloom on lower quality settings
  • fixed Enterprise not rotating in splash screen logo
  • fixed some cases where staff would stop working
  • fixed “Continue” button in splash screen not working
  • a couple of fixes for savegame loading problems
  • rewrote build preview shader, hopefully this fixes problems some were experiencing with build previews not being rendered properly

Game Title: Parkitect SKIDROW
Developer: Texel Raptor
Released on : 9 Sept 2015
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    can someone help me. i downloaded this game and i dont know where to find it on my pc. my computer is hp notebook windows 10. if you know how to open up the game please help me


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