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SKIDROWRabi-Ribi v1.04 Full Version is One of the best Metroidvania (2D platforming + exploration) games I’ve played and this game full cracked by SKIDROW. Rabi-Ribi v1.04 Free Download, released on 12 Feb 2016. bunny turns into a bunny-girl. Missing master’s little sister, Girl x Girl romance, bunny obsessions conspiracy, and hidden world defender succession. Yeah, story is somewhat weird (in a good way), not that deep (in a bad way), little bit clumsy, but interesting to follow nonetheless.

Rabi-Ribi v1.04 Free Download Rabi-Ribi v1.04

Gameplay Rabi-Ribi v1.04 Free Download: it is your metroidvania: you explore the giant world; you find bosses; you defeat bosses; you became friend with bosses; you find abilities to progress through blocked paths. Here lies other twist: you can fight almost any bosses in any order that you prefer. The game will give you quests marks on the map, but you may ignore them and freely explore other areas. And complete quest without visiting marks.

Rabi-Ribi v1.04 Ashuri Stole The Precious Thing Patch Notes :

  • New achievements!
  • The dialog text box now go transparent in Hard Mode or above. (What’s the use?)
  • Now it is possible to do the post game in a 0% item run. (With new related Achievement)
  • Nerfed “Revenge 300” in Novice difficulty and below, which also applies in Boss Rush Mode in any difficulty.
  •  Fixed en from enemy not healing Erina when Erina’s maximum HP is very low.
  •  “Quad Damage” buff now appears in all difficulties.
  •  Vanilla and Chocolate are no longer nigh invincible in Rabi Rabi Town. (Side Chapter)
  •  Town List now shows your current difficulty.
  •  Fixed the ability to enter Chapter 6 first boss battle in wrong direction.
  •  Fixed Chapter 6’s first boss able to use some items even when Erina doesn’t have them.
  •  Lilith 2 now doesn’t require Piko Hammer to trigger. (Hammer out of nowhere?!)
  •  Balanced the first part of Chapter 6’s difficulty.
  •  Performance Tweak (Still in process)

v1.04 艾希莉偷走了不得了的東西版 :

  • 加入新成就
  • Hard以上的難易度會透明化對話框 (有什麼用呢?)
  • 現在整個遊戲也可以0%物品全破了! (並新增有關成就)
  • 「300以上傷害即死」在Novice或以下減弱,另外BOSSRUSH所有難度也有減弱
  • 修正如艾莉娜MHP太少,en沒有回血功效的問題
  • 「攻擊力四倍」現在在所有難度也會出現
  •  香草和巧克力的防禦減弱 (Side Chapter)
  •  Town List增加難易度表示
  •  修正後日談第一位BOSS Event Bug
  •  修正後日談第一位BOSS 可以用艾莉娜沒持有的物品的Bug
  •  莉莉絲2事件不再需要Piko鎚子觸發

Title: Rabi-Ribi SKIDROW
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: CreSpirit
Publisher: Sekai Project
Release Date: Jan 29, 2016
Download Link Rabi-Ribi v1.04 Full Version – 344 Mb:
Rabi-Ribi 1.04.exe
Rabi-Ribi 1.04.exe
Rabi-Ribi 1.04.exe
Rabi-Ribi 1.04.exe
Rabi-Ribi 1.04.exe

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3 thoughts on “Rabi-Ribi v1.04 Free Download

  1. Naniyo

    Sorry… but I cant seem to save in any ver of this game…
    Save completed but after that I wont be able to load anything.
    For example, after saving, I went to title screen, and voila no saved data at all.
    Anyone with solution or encountered same problem?

    My spec: windows 10 64 bit

    1. Naniyo

      Im the above Commenter
      Go to the properties for the Rabi-ribi folder on the program files or wherever u installed it in
      Then in the security tab, allow full control etc.
      After that I finally can save, and make the settings work

  2. William

    My computer its still running on WinXp, so the game doesn’t want to work. In the steam version, they’ve patched this error after v1.06, so, can you guys update to that version, or this game’s not gonna be updated anymore?


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