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SKIDROW – Polaris Sector Free download released on 23 Mar 2016 by CODEX and Game Polaris Sector Full Version takes the best parts of the space 4X formula and gives them a few fresh, delightful twists. Empire management is quick, easy, and slick. Espionage is something new and beautiful. Ship design and waging war are a blast. And a strong enemy AI rounds out the package. But for each strong iteration and innovation, there’s another system that doesn’t quite go the distance. Even with that shortcoming, its unique mechanics and well-thought-out implementation give it a strong identity and raison d’etre.

Polaris Sector Full Version Polaris Sector Free Download

Game Title: Polaris Sector SKIDROW Repacks
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Developer: SoftWarWare
Publisher: Slitherine Ltd.
Release Date: Mar 22, 2016
File Name: codex-polaris.sector.iso
Download Link Polaris Sector CODEX – 3.6 GB:

Review Polaris Sector Full Version : A great war oriented 4x with challenging AI. A few words of preface: I was a beta tester of Polaris and my review will be based on a build from 1-2 months back.
Most of the stuf should be still accurate tough, I will update the review whenever i find time to play the released version.

So I really liked Polaris Sector Full Version. Its a great 4x war oriented game with good challenging AI. I played a lot of time just for fun during my beta testing, even in its beta state.
Despite liking to a degree both Sd2 and Galciv3 , im pretty sure i played Polaris a few times more then both Sd2 and Galciv3 combined.

So below in points what i specially liked:

  • The AI is good and challenging. Even in mid-late game the AI can give you trouble. Seriously its one of the better AI i have seen. (I played on hard)
  • Great ship designing and tactical combat.
  • Through all the game there is something called “doctrine change” . What it means that there is no overpowered weapon/modul/hull/tactic for long. For example hvy fighters might seem OP for a while, but soon new techs/ modules will change the balance back to capital ships. Its really so great, keeps you on your toes and with a varied fleet.
  • The resources management : its pretty uniqe among games. You got several mineral types and every module on your ships consumes different minerals, you got to plan this.
  • Help with micromanagment: you got governors , who do a fairly good job, and if you are a max efficency micro managing freak like me 🙂 you can define template build orders, then just reuse them. Works grea.
  • Real time with extensive, configurable notification system is imho very good. Im more of a turn based guy myself, but with that many notifications and with pasuable any time, i liked it a lot.
  • Long and varied tech tree.
  • Balanced tech/modules, there is no useless or uber modules like in many games.

The diplomacy is there with many options, but im not a very diplomatic guy 🙂 so wont really judge it. The races art/backstories are pretty good.

So imho if you like war oriented 4x games with ship designing you really should like Polaris Sector Full Version.

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