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SKIDROW – Enter the Gungeon Free download released on 5 Apr 2016. Enter the Gungeon Full Version is combination between Binding of Isaac with Nuclear throne. ETG is like that dream girl who you want to see with their clothes off but she requires committing to a relationship first. You know you are not one to commit to a relationship but you do it anyways. While in that relationship you find yourself spending too much time with her, eventually leading to discovering new things about eachother every day. You know this is okay because you are getting closer to the end goal. Finally the time comes and she is willing to make your dreams a reality. However, you are not prepared. You do not know what to do with a girl like this, what were you even thinking? You panic and pass out only to wake up in the morning to realize that it was all just a dream. A dream that you want to have over and over again hoping that one day you will be prepared.

Enter the Gungeon Full Version Enter the Gungeon

Game Title: Enter the Gungeon SKIDROW
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Dodge Roll
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Release Date: 5 Apr, 2016
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Story : Enter the Gungeon Full Version is a dungeon crawler where you choose from a band of misfits to fight your way to the Gungeon’s Ultimate treasure. That treasure is a gun that can kill the past. The game isn’t heavy on a narrative. It’s about killing, looting, dying, and repeating. There are some mysterious characters you’ll meet along the way. Despite not being story driven, these characters will make you curious about their role in the gungeon.

Gameplay : Enter the Gungeon Full Version is a roguelike meaning procedurally generated levels, loot, and enemies. This creates a mix of challenge and repetition that go hand in hand. Know this going in, the game is tough as nails. And that’s a good thing. The controls and the enemy arrangement is really tight. If you die or get hit, chances are it’s your fault and you’ve learned a good lesson for the next time you choose to enter the gungeon.

The game’s difficulty kind of jumps from 1 to 10 in an instant. The tutorial holds your hand and breaks down the mechanics into the simplest way possible. But once you start playing you’ll still get stomped quite a bit if you’re new to a roguelike. But if you get the itch to keep replaying the first chamber you’ll eventually get really good and build a strategy to finding the right items and conserving what you need.

There’s a reason why they put the word gun in the title. Dodge Roll games seems to love everything about guns in its art style and setting. There’s more guns than you can count in this game. There’s normal guns like shotguns, pistols, and submachine, guns but then you get everything your imagination can make. There’s guns that pay homage to movies and other games. Like the gun that looks just like an NES Zapper and shoots birds from duck hunt. There’s bizarre guns like the T-Shirt Cannon that cover your enemies in purple shirts. It’s ridiculous and fun. Some guns are better than others and the only way to find out which ones work best for you is to repeat the dungeon crawling over and over. The hunt to discover more guns is one of the main proverbial carrots on a stick in this game.

Controlling and handling in Enter the Gungeon Full Version is extremely tightly woven. And the dodge roll is your best friend. The name of the developer is Dodge Roll Games and it’s also the name of your most important move. Dodge rolling gives you a moment of invulnerability which means you want to roll right through enemy fire. But dodge rolling isn’t a magic fix. A bad dodge roll could have you land face up right into a bullet. You need to time and plan your rolls carefully to weave through the enemy bullets. There’s strategy when it comes to the movement.

There’s also tables in the environment that you can knock over and use for cover. You can even push them as you move forward, but they’ll get destroyed after a few shots. Funny enough, enemies can also use these same tables for cover.

Every enemy is nuanced. They have very specific ways of moving and firing at you. Then when you get 2 to 3 different enemy types in one room, stuff hits the fan and gets crazy. Patterns start to resemble a shoot ’em up with alternating medium and fast paced bullets heading towards you in a very systematic pattern. That’s the part that really tests your skills. There aren’t really any filler enemies, all of them provide a challenge even the basic bullet guys.

The game actually moves really fast because there’s teleports to get around the map, quick restarts if you die, and you can easily skip boss cutscenes. Those are small touches but they keep you in the gameplay loop and that’s how you get addicted to restarting even after you die repeatedly.

There’s little bits of progression by beating bosses and attaining unlocks. Every time you kill a boss you get currency which you can use to unlock more weapons and items that you will find in the gungeon. There’s also a few characters you meet that help you get around the gungeon better, but you’ll have to find those for yourself.

Best of all there’s local co-op, so you can take a buddy with you for the challenge and scream each other’s heads off when you get killed.

The real accomplishment in the game is to find every weapon, item, and boss. There’s a codex that let’s you see everything you’ve found so far. Download and playing now this game.

Minimum System Requirements Enter the Gungeon Full Version: 
OS: Windows 7 or later

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