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SKIDROW – Jalopy Free Download released on 24 Apr 2016 by SKIDROW. Jalopy Full Version is all about relaxing driving, maintaning full control on your vehicle, exploration and of course the journey with your uncle.

Jalopy Full Version Jalopy

Game Title: Jalopy SKIDROW Repacks
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Early Access
Developer: Minskworks
Publisher: Excalbur Games
Release Date: 22 Apr, 2016
Free Download link Jalopy Full Version – 318 MB:

Jalopy v0.4 HOTFIX.exe
Jalopy v0.4 HOTFIX.exe
Jalopy v0.4 HOTFIX.exe
Jalopy v0.4 HOTFIX.exe
Jalopy v0.4 HOTFIX.exe


Review Jalopy : Jalopy Full Version is a unique idea. It is made by one man named Greg who has put a lot of effort in this game and began development on it in late 2014 (according to the website). Although this game may currently contain bugs and is not recommended by some people, I personally say to you that you should help support the 1-man dev team to improve the game. Games only improve with both financial and social (community) support.

– Unique car that almost everything is interactable with.
– Good graphics
– Good looking female shop keeper
– Ability to buy new parts instead of staying with stock
– Game is still improving

– Bugs (currently – not major, well the ones I have seen anyway. Infact the only bugs I have seen so far is your Uncle sitting in mid air and being charged for someone crashing into you (which isn’t really a bug to be honest, they said they have not actually added the ‘blame’ feature to charge who is responsible).
– Run out of money pretty fast (probably just me), I tend to get lost a lot too.
– Border Guards are currently a brick wall (as in if you crash into them, your car is f*cked and the guard is not injured)
– Car damages too easily (but that is kind of the point of the game)

My first day:
– Repaired car
– Started driving
– Engine broke within seconds
– Uncle got out and told me to get out to check it
– Fixed the engine and got back in the car but the Uncle prefered to sit on the front of the hood instead of his seat.
– Finally got him in and continued my journey

My second day:
– Clicked the door mirror thinking it would adjust (it does but I had the wrong angle)
– Accidently opened the door at 60KMH
– Crashed
– Uncle said “Have mercy”
– Fixed the car only to find the windscreen had cracked

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