My Secret Pets Full Version

SKIDROW – Free Download My Secret Pets SKIDROW released on 26 Mar 2016. My Secret Pets Full Version is visual novel games for PC. It’s a really cute and funny game, with lovely characters, the main route seemed a bit short though, gonna check the sequel now. Looking forward to date more of these cutie pets.

My Secret Pets Full Version My Secret Pets

Game Title: My Secret Pets! SKIDROW
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Dogenzaka Lab
Publisher: Dogenzaka Lab
Release Date: 11 May, 2016
Download Link My Secret Pets Full Version – 489 MB:

Review  My Secret Pets Full Version: I wish there was like a sideways thumb for mixed bag reviews, because frankly this game is one huge said mixed bag. Listen, I’m gonna be upfront with you all. My Secret Pets Full Version is corny, the story is kinda dumb and the sex stuff is frankly kinda icky with regards to consent (which is honestly my one MAJOR gripe with the game, though this hardly is the first otome game to have that cringey issue), but I’m still gonna give it a thumbs up because for me personally? I don’t really expect much else from the vast majority of VNs on Steam, certainly not those that are under 35 bucks or so. This is a way to kill some time, look at some pleasing art, and while the story was overall pretty “uh….wut” from what I’ve played, there were some genuinely interesting twists to some of the routes. All in all, if you’re a fine otome game connoisseur you’re probably not gonna be immensely pleased with this, but if you’re just looking to spend some time ogling a cat boy or something it’s probably worth grabbing while on sale as I did. Curb your expectations and grab it when it’s cheap, that’s the best advice I can give. Download My Secret Pets Full Version and playing now this game.

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7 thoughts on “My Secret Pets Full Version

  1. Niki

    Hey, I got this very common issue here (0xc00007) and I couldn’t fix it in any way, trust me I tried a lot of things.

    My Secret Pets used to work when I ran it with Wine on Linux Mint Cinnamon Rosa. However it doesn’t work on the original Windows. (Windows 7 ultimate)
    I tried deleting and reinstalling DirectX files, I tried putting MSVCP100 on sys32 and wow64 folders, I tried installing Visual Studio C++ Redist as well (2010 and 2015) but nothing I found online seems to work!

    Do you have anything else I can try, or do I have to wait until I have time to buy an USB and install Linux again? 😀 (I lost my prev setup!)

    1. Niki

      By the way, this occured after I completely wiped my harddisk along with both Windows 10 and Linux Mint. Not sure if it’s the problems the not very smart Windows has with my computer(it’s pretty old.) because I have never tried it when I had Windows X.

      1. Niki

        Hello Skid, sorry for my late reply I’ve been caught up in work, but thank you very much for the help. I used All-in-one installer and it works just like it used to work before I did a reset, spasibo \o/


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