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SKIDROW – Free download Hero Defense Haunted Island Hi2U released on 1 June 2016 by SKIDROW Repacks. Hero Defense Haunted Island Full Version is a very interactive RPG and Tower-Defense game. The graphics are very good and the effects emphasis the story of the game. The game has a story that motivates the player to challenge itself even more through the game playtime. Another important point is that players can customize their heroes and upgrade their weapons and skills. This game is highly recommended for those who love RPGs, Strategy, Tower-Defense games, or for people who want to try something new and fun!

Hero Defense Haunted Island Full Version Hero Defense Haunted Island

Game Title: Hero Defense Haunted Island SKIDROW
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Developer: Happy Tuesday
Publisher: Happy Tuesday
Release Date: Jun 1, 2016
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Review Hero Defense Haunted Island Full Version: Haunted island is tower defense game with single and recently added multiplayer modes wich supports multi-language interface. game has some astonishing graphics and gameplay but sadly you cant tweak too much in settings,there’s only pre-set options with no borderless windowed mode.single player campaign is really enjoyable i coudln’t get enough of it untill i beat the game,game Hero Defense Haunted Island Full Version doens’t have a large map pool and or long story but you can re-play already played maps with higher difficulty or extra challenges,game has 5 characters with their own talent system and play style,you can upgrade buildings,weapons,skills,power-ups but it ain’t so easy it takes a lot of grinding wich makes game more challenging.however this all aplies to multiplayer as well which i personally dislike,since there is no ranking system yet and not many people currently playing the game (at least multiplayer),there’s a chance you might get matched up with someone who has more upgrades than you,you don’t have a chance,cause a slight difference can be devastating since it’s almost impossible to recover from “punishment” which is granted by player who first clears the wave,and even though you survive without getting your base destroyed you will probably loose it anyway cause there’s a time limit and one who has less minnions left on the map when time runs out wins.but devs are working hard adding maps and probably trying to balance,game constantly keeps updating which is good,but it would be awesome if there would be some patch notes so we could see what’s going on.game is in early access but it feels like already finished product. Download Hero Defense Haunted Island Full Version and playing it.

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