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SKIDROW – Free download Ghost 1.0 v1.0.2 Incl Soundtrack by SKIDROW and Ghost 1.0 Full Version is one of the best modern Metroidvanias you can buy and definitely sits alongside Axiom Verge as a standout of the recently quite crowded genre. Unlike Axiom Verge however which follows the formula to the letter Ghost 1.0 Full Version finds its own way and throughout the course of the game constantly throws in surprises and breaks conventions that really make it stand out.

Ghost 1.0 Full Version Ghost 1.0

Game Title: Ghost 1.0 SKIDROW Repacks
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: @unepic_fran
Publisher: @unepic_fran
Release Date: 7 Jun, 2016
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Ghost 10.exe
Ghost 10.exe
Ghost 10.exe
Ghost 10.exe
Ghost 10.exe


Review : Ghost 1.0 Full Version is one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played in a long time and I would recommend this to absolutely everyone out there.

I’ll start by saying Unepic was a game I enjoyed a hell of a lot of on GoG so when I heard about Ghost 1.0 Full Version to say I was excited is an understatement but it also meant I had very high expectations. How this game managed to go above and beyond will never be something I understand but I am eternally grateful. I think it’s safe to say i’m a bit of a fanboy for the Unepic dev team so bear that in mind going forward.

Story Ghost 1.0 : If you’ve read my other reviews you’ll know a good story combined with great dialogue makes me very happy and Ghost 1.0 Full Version really does have both of these. You play as Ghost, a strange ghostlike being who controls a robot chassis. Set in the future where robots are common, you have been hired by a large corporation (or so you think) to engage in a top secret mission where you find yourself sneaking into a space station to retrieve blueprints and data in regards to the latest most distributed android. Utilizing stealth and combat you’ll find yourself exploring, puzzling and fighting your way through the massive Nakamura space station. The story is very well written and the dialogue is witty and I find myself chuckling often without ever feeling it’s cheesy which is a very fine line in games.

Gameplay Ghost 1.0 : If you’ve played Unepic then a lot of Ghost 1.0 Full Version will feel familiar to you, and if you haven’t (seriously, why haven’t you? Go and play it now.) then you won’t have to worry, everything is explained to you in a detailed manner and it should come to you very easily after that. You can play using either a controller or kb&m though I’ve found the controller doesn’t work as smoothly as some things just won’t work for me e.g rolling. You control Ghost, a spectral being in a robot body and must utilize your weapons and survival skills to overcome the various challenges you’ll face. Like other Metroidvania games you’ll navigate from room to room clearing out the enemies or solving the puzzles, sometimes both at once.
Ghost has various abilities and weapons at her disposal along with various upgrades and powerups that can be found and bought through the game. There is also a large skill tree which you can level up as you please allowing you to mould the game to your playstyle. Weapons are Ghosts main form of attack and you can buy various different ones for energy cubes in the shops located around the levels equipping up to four at any one time. Along with your weapons you can also have 4 items bound to you hotkeys. Items will offer you small one time perks like regening a small amount of health or recharging your ammo immediately and they run off of charges which can be refilled at most shops. Lastly Ghost can find and buy upgrades which are passives which are automatically activated and cannot be turned off. These are things such as damage boosts or starting with extra energy cubes and can make you very strong as you collect more and more over time because not only do they stack, you can have an unlimited amount. Ghosts second main feature, and a personal favourite of mine, is the ability to posses other androids. This comes in handy for those buttons & platforms you might not be able to reach, but also is rather effective at clearing out rooms of enemies without taking any damage to her own exoskeleton.

Though there is no difficulty setting as such, there are two modes, Classic and Survival, which both differ in difficulty. Survival is more punishing and meant for those who prefer a bit more of a challenge whereas classic focuses on comfortable accessible gameplay.

Graphics and Sound : The graphics in Ghost 1.0 Full Version are fantastic, and everything looks clean and smooth. I love the artwork overall but find myself really, really enjoying the cutscenes. The art in those scenes is very comic book-esque and it’s absolutely brilliant. In fact if the writer and artist got together i’m sure they could make an awesome little webcomic with ease.
The sound is fitting though I haven’t noticed too much of a soundtrack so far, not that I’ve felt myself missing it.


  • Engaging well written story
  • Great voice acting
  • Large variety of weapons, items, upgrades and powerups
  • Perk(s) if you own Unepic on Steam
  • Very witty/amusing dialogue
  • Probably the best Metroidvania style game I’ve ever played
  • AWESOME collectables aka Geekies for superficial ingame changes

The sound when you travel down a rope. I know this sounds so minor but the sound is awful, so so awful. The only other thing that could possibly be tweaked in my eyes is the amount of healing you find. Not every shop allows you to heal and healing is not easy to come by otherwise meaning you die alot. Since you lose your energy cubes when you die it can become a vicious circle of dying and not being strong enough to advance without buying but not having enough cubes to buy but not surviving long enough to get the cubes etc. Honestly, those are the only issues I can point out right now. I really am loving playing Ghost 1.0 that much so far.

Summary: Ghost 1.0 Full Version is amazing, it truly is and I can’t recommend this game highly enough. I’ve only put in a few hours so far but since it’s release it’s been the only game I’ve played. $10 is an unbelieveable price and it’s well worth every single cent so don’t even bother waiting for a sale. Some people were born to create games, Unepic_Fran is one of those people. Download Ghost 1.0 Full Version and playing now this game.

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    The game has an anti-pirate issue. After a time you cannot pick up energy cubes any more. Have any fix to that?


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