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SKIDROW – Free download House of the Dying Sun Full Version released on 11 June 2016 by SKIDROW. House of the Dying Sun Full Version was a fantastic game! Its only downfall was that it was rather short. Although it has some replayability in the form of skills that you can acquire by gaining currency by playing missions on harder difficulties.The game is chalked full of style and makes you feel like you are an unstoppable force with only one goal “Defeat the false Emperor”. It kind of reminds of Homeworld in certain ways. The theme and style of the game as well as the soundtrack, which is absolutely fabulous by the way, give off a very “Homeworldy” feel.

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Game Title: House of the Dying Sun SKIDROW Repacks
Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation, Early Access
Developer: Marauder Interactive, LLC
Publisher: Marauder Interactive, LLC
Release Date: 8 Jun, 2016
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House of the Dying Sun.exe
House of the Dying Sun.exe
House of the Dying Sun.exe
House of the Dying Sun.exe
House of the Dying Sun.exe

Review House of the Dying Sun Full Version: What a terrific game. For years, the one game I’ve wanted more than anything in the universe was a spiritual successor to Freespace and TIE Fighter- and that became even more true once I picked up my Oculus Rift.

What a fantastic game. To go into the specifics:

Graphics: What do you do when you don’t have a huge art team dedicated to making super high resolution textures and models? Go with an art style that doesn’t need it and, at the same time, looks distinct and beautiful. The game has a wonderful 40s/50s pulp/art deco sci-fi look, which I absolutely love and works spectacularly well. It runs like a dream at very high framerates and the look is one of my favorites of any game I’ve tried in the last few months.

Sound: You really feel like you’re in a cockpit. The subdued thump of weapons fire, the muffled cockpit audio- it is, by design, intended to make you feel like you’re piloting a spaceship rather than listening to some huge orchestra. It really gives you a great sense of presence.

Gameplay: Here is where HotDS really shines. Ship control is tight, fluid, perfect. There is an excellent “drift” mechanic that lets you take advantage of Newtonian physics and turn to point any way you want. Weapons feel powerful and realistic. Not since TIE Fighter have I felt so much like I’m actually sitting in a spaceship cockpit doing battle with my interstellar foes- and that is not an exaggeration. To counter a common misconception, the game House of the Dying Sun Full Version absoultely does have joystick/HOTAS support- it’s just not the main or primary or official or whatever you want to call it control scheme and takes a little effort to bind it the way you want, but I played through with my HOTAS and it worked like a dream.

Originally the game House of the Dying Sun Full Version was set to be released with procedurally generated missions and campaigns. While I do find the idea of infinitely regenerating missions, I do believe that the exquisitely hand-crafted missions we get here probably do play a lot better than procedural content would have. The developer says a wave move is coming which should help extend the playtime a bit.

To this end, to the extent the game has one flaw, it’s quite short. I have only played for a few hours but have already beaten most of the content. Still, I would always opt for a short, high quality experience than an endless, more mediocre one (not to mention any other games by name, but you can imagine). I do hope some content gets added at some point, and between the wave mode and whatever the developer adds in the future I’m hopeful but, as it stands now, this is easily worth $20, and then some, today as it stands. Literally not for almost 20 years has a new space combat game of this quality been released, and I’m ecstatic over the quality of what’s been delivered.

VR Support: Have to throw this in here because I just started using my Rift. This is perhaps my favorite looking game on Oculus. Everything mentioned above with respect to presence, framerate, audio- it’s magnified tenfold in the Rift. The head tracking is spot-on perfect, framerate doesn’t miss a beat- and while Elite: Dangerous has its pros and cons, it doesn’t hold a candle to this in my opinion when it comes to pure, TIE Fighter/ Freespace style combat. Ever since I started seriously considering VR, a VR version of that style of game is what I’ve wanted most- this is it.

To top it all off, this game has, amazingly, been created by a single developer, who, unlike many or even most early access developers, graciously listens to and implements feedback and truly appreciates his players.

In summary, this is a very high quality, very polished, technically flawless, beautifully controlling and playing game that finally provides the updated Freespace/TIE Fighter experience that I and I’m sure many others have been longing for for so many years. If you enjoyed any of those types of space combat games back in the day, get this one immediately. If not, get this anyway and see what the excitement is all about! And if you have a VR headset, this is easily in my opinion the best VR cockpit experience on the market today, hands down. You cannot go wrong. What a fantastic game. Excuse me, I have to go hunt down and punish more enemies of the Emperor… Download House of the Dying Sun Full Version and playing now this game.

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