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SKIDROW – Free download Purino Party Full Version released on 27 June 2016 by SKIDROW Repacks. The game Purino Party Full Version is very simple, you pick a girl complete their puzzle and get a dialogue. at the end of the dialogue you receive an endcard thats all. Compared to Huniepop its very lacking there is really not much to do its just a straight forward route.

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Review Purino Party Full Version :

Game Purino Party Full Version is a visual novel (VN) and puzzle game hybrid. REPEAT, it is a visual novel and not a dating-sim so don’t expect anything in that genre. The objective of this game is to clear the puzzles to progress through each girl’s story and get new CGs.

This game is not difficult AT ALL if you know how to play. It’s not a typical match three game like HuniePop or any other games like Bejeweled. People misunderstood the gameplay and criticized the game for it. It plays more like Tower of Saviors on mobile devices. Remain calm as most of the time, there is no time limit. You can easily get a high combo chain if you at least pay attention to the board.

If you want story, you’ll find nothing here. You get a chance to live in the same building with many different girls and try to get close to them by solving puzzles. That’s all. I’ve cleared one route in less than an hour so there’s not much story here.

The translation is pretty great. I know a bit of Japanese so I am able to point out if there are any mistakes in translation or typos. So far, as I’ve only cleared Sora’s route, the translation is accurate so I’m positive that other routes will have the same quality. I’m very glad that their in-house translation does well in this regard. The future of English VNs is bright.

The art or the CG is what draws me in even though they are just still images with no voice-over and almost have nothing to do with the story. I love nanaca mai’s art style so it is worth a purchase. Beware that that the CGs in this game contain nudity by default. You can also get the X-RATED patch for free which adds a few extra CGs, which could not be in the game by default due to Steam policy, to the gallery.

I hope that by buying this game, more devs will see that there is a market in English community and release more VNs in English.

Game Title: Purino Party SKIDROW Repacks

Genre: Adventure, Casual
Developer: Frontwing
Publisher: Frontwing
Release Date: 23 Jun, 2016
Game Size: 900 MB

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