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SKIDROW – Free download Anarcute SKIDROW Repacks and Anarcute Full Version is an action game where you’re super cute animals rioting against the evil capitalist. You want to take down the man who has suppressed these cute little animals. The evil must be stopped and we must riot with these adorable animals all the while listening to cute tunes!

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Game Title: Anarcute SKIDROW Repacks
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Anarteam
Publisher: Anarteam, Plug In Digital
Release Date: 12 Jul, 2016

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Review Anarcute Full Version:

Gameplay: You’re a bunch of cute animal rioters. You start off with a short group of 1-4 animals and throughout the map other rioters are sleeping (I think symbolism?). You just walk next to them and they’ll join your party. Some rioters are trapped in cages and you must break these to have these rioters join you. If you get 10 or more rioters, you get the stomp ability which you can use to push some barriers.

These can also be used to knockback enemies. Your animals can attack enemies, throw objects at them, even throw cars at them. Rioters can also knock down buildings once the number of rioters reaches high. You have a level bar indicating how many rioters you have and at certain points on that bar new powers get unlocked. The bigger the rioter crowd, the more powerful you’ll be. You can kill enemies by clicking on them or by throwing cars and other things at them. Stomping also does damage and knocks them back.

You start off in Tokyo and there’s a bunch of levels in it. Then there are 3 other cities like Paris, Miami etc. where you go to cause riots. Naturally, as you progress the missions get harder and harder. Missions include stuff like capture the flags throughout the map or take down certain brainwashing building (reference to media buildings I think), take down statues and structures etc. There are lasers, mines, snipers and many other traps. You must avoid these or you’ll start losing rioters. Once all rioters are dead, it’s game over.

You get coins when you complete levels and you can use these to get upgrades from the dispenser machine. Upgrades include stuff like walking faster, ability to double dash without having a cool down in between etc. You also unlock new animals when you free rioters from cages.

Each countries’ end stage features a boss battle where you have to beat it. These bosses have patterns and you must try to find their weakness and kill them. Once you beat the boss the evil capitalist dictator moves to the next country and that country gets unlocked to play in. All the countries have their own respective theme.

Conclusion Anarcute Full Version:

You want to wreak havoc with cute animals in large groups? You want to take down the man and be free from their capitalistic ways? Do it with Anarcute Full Version! Very fun game and awesome music. Kids especially should enjoy this game and if you’re an adult this game can really cheer you if you’re feeling down.

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