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SKIDROW – PC game Ray Gigant Free download released on 11 Aug 2016 by SKIDROW Repacks. Game Ray Gigant Full Version a unique dungeon crawler RPG which combines dungeon crawling adventure with Japanese visual novel like story telling. Players will first be introduced to the gripping tale of Ichiyawho is a young fighter shrouded in mystery. As the story progresses the player will be introduced to new characters which you later get to experience as the main character. There are a total of 3 different tales told in the perspective of Ichiya, Kyle and Nil.

Ray Gigant Full Version Ray Gigant

Review Ray Gigant Full Version :

This game is made by the same company that did Stranger of Sword City. The engine has been upgraded to handle animated monsters and the like, and it seems to have the same environment and monster artists. However, the character art is pure anime.


You get a pre-set team of three characters for each storyline. Each character only gets choices of which abilities to unlock first, more DPS or more defense, more damage of one element type or another, etc. This is the unfortunate downside of the game’s anime nature, with fully-animated characters during boss battles.


Easier than Stranger of Sword City, once you get used to the combat system.


A lot more complex and interesting than Stranger of Sword City so far. The dungeons are closer to Wizardry in their complexity.


The first party has had a very anime story so far. Think of something like Evangelion, except, with gods and monsters from Chinese & Japanese mythology rather than horrific angels. Hopefully the other two parties (i.e. the second half of the game) have more interesting stories.

Combat Mechanics:

A lot of the combat system was carried over from Stranger of Sword City, but a lot of it was changed as well. Each character can do up to 5 actions, with each action taking various amounts of AP. Characters can wait to regenerate the party’s AP, and defensive actions only take AP if they are triggered. When enemies attack, this gives AP back to the party. Starting with the 3rd dungeon, the combat mechanics get a lot more interesting, but they will not be spoiled here.


The game is more good than bad. It is about as casual as a dungeon crawler can get without going into straight Visual Novel territory. The game is recommended for anyone who is looking for an anime-style visual novel that has an RPG for all the fighting scenes. If you liked the gameplay of this game, then also try.

  1. Stranger of Sword City (“normal” difficulty compared to this game)
  2. Wizardry 8 (“harder” difficulty compared to this game)
  3. Elminage Gothic (“very hard” difficulty compared to this game)

Game Title: Ray Gigant SKIDROW Repack
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Publisher: Acttil, LLC.
Release Date: Aug 11, 2016

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