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SKIDROW – PC game Winter Novel Free download released on 16 Aug 2016 by SKIDROW Repacks. Winter Novel Full Version is a very enjoyable short visual novel game. It focuses on the pressure of Sveta and Vlad our two main characters where they have to overcome challenges. What I really loved about this game is when the game zooms out into the characters thoughts as you really get to see how life and reality is. For instance people could be smiling on the outside but you get to see the grim reality of what they are thinking inside.

Winter Novel Full Version Winter Novel

Review Game Winter Novel Full Version :

Visual novel Winter Novel Full Version follows a bank assistant and a computer programmer who are tasked by the bank to design a complex website. The basics of the story touch on how cruel life can be and how having someone else around can help bring you through it.


  • Story is believable and stirs you to hate those who are against the protagonist while caring for characters
  • music fits the scenes well
  • Art style is unlike most visual novels and was a nice change


  • While the music is good it does get somewhat repetitive at points
  • The Art is sometimes hard to see, requiring you to back away a bit for it to come into picture
  • Some parts are drawn out more than needed, “characters wasted time” turns into “did so and so, then did this, then did this, then finally got back to work”

Overall I liked the story, thought the art was an interesting medium that I wouldnt mind in future novels, having a bigger soundtrack would have been nice. And I can get over some scenes being drawn out since I had an emotional attachment to the characters.

Game Title: Winter Novel SKIDROW
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Developer: DeXP
Publisher: DeXP
Release Date: Aug 11, 2016

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