F1 2015 Update 1 Crack

SKIDROW Repacks – After release F1 2015 Full Crack for PC now release update 1 Crack for Formula One 2015.
F1 2015 Update 1 Crack
Download F1 2015 Update 1 Crack ( all Processors ) :

Or you can download for your Processors only :

Download Steam Reg Key :

  • Update 1 is included.
  • run the registry key if steam client is not installed on your PC.
  • AMD Athlon + AMD Phenom crack Added.

Thanks : @Sam2k8 & Steam006 & machine4578

Download Fix for Windows 8(.1) and Windows 10:

Download F1 2015 Multiplayer Fix:

How to Fix F1 2015 MULTIPLAYER : unpack it in the game folder, run the appid patch and patch the exe, run the game while steam is running in background.

Known Issues:

  • Game crashes during time trial, open the codex.ini and set the Offline to 1.
  • when you run the exe, game goes fullscreen for 1 sec and then it crashes to desktop: this can be a CPUID mismatch, if there are version A and B of crack for your cpu, try them both, If you are on win8, make sure Hyper-V is disabled. if it still crashes, post your cpu-z report.

Download F1 2015 Update 1(almost) Universal Launcher (Crack the Game Automatically!):

Run the game with F1_2015_AutoLauncher.exe to automatically detect your CPU and patch the executable accordingly… in case it doesn’t detect it correctly or you have to switch between A, B or C versions of the same CPU, you need to edit cpu_forced (and only cpu_forced) in F1_2015_AutoLauncher.ini, then run F1_2015_AutoLauncher.exe to patch the executable. If you need to redetect & repatch the CPU (e.g. when copying the game folder to another computer) simply delete F1_2015_AutoLauncher.ini.
You can use the crack installer or manually unpack _Cracked_Files.7z in F1 2015 dir. As of now F1_2015_AutoLauncher supports 201 AMD CPUs and 369 Intel CPUs…

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  1. Emilio

    Hello, my F1 2015 installed well, I went to crack folder and copied the correct processor I have and pasted in the main folder, but it goes full screen and then crashes, can you help me?


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