Stranded Deep v0.04.E4 x64 Bit Full Version

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SKIDROW Repacks – After release Stranded Deep v0.04.E4 Full Crack for x32 bit in 15 july 2015, now release Stranded Deep Build v0.04 E4 x64 Bit Full Version. You can download this survival game PC Free.

Stranded Deep v0.04.E4 x64 Bit Full Version

Stranded Deep v0.04.E4 CHANGE LOG :

Bug Fixes :
Terrain – Reduced distance between islands.
Player – Reworked mechanics to future-proof for coop.
Player – Fixed cases of sticking to walls, etc.
Player – Fixed visual jitters in some scenarios, running with torch, etc.
Player – Fixed lighting errors with torch and player arm.
Player – Fixed standing under ceilings and going through them.
Player – Fixed inaccuracies between ground collisions.
Player – Fixed player clipping through sharks.
Physics – Fixed a bug with saved physics objects colliders, ie: angled sticks.
Intro – Fixed clipping through trolleys.
Plane Wreck – Fixed an overlapping prefab id causing a bug with the wrong wreck being spawned.
Steps – Fixed bug with stairs interfering with craftable objects when placing.
Doors – Fixed doors and windows snapping to wrong positions.
Crafting – Fixed a bug where you could still highlight craftable items when placing buildings. Optimized memory required for batching.
Crafting – Fixed a bug where craftables would remain constantly highlighted when changing highlighting settings in options menu.
Crafting – Fixed a bug in the crafting popup menu where the scrolling list would not reset to the top.
Crafting – Fixed first element in crafting popup not highlighting on first open.
Antibiotics – Adjusted spawn rate. There is now a 25% of finding antibiotics in wall cabinets. Harvestable Plants – Fixed an exploit where you could speed up the next harvest time by continuing to hold down the action button after you harvested the plant.
Watch – Tweaked screen elements for better visibility. Adjusted specular and added normal map and glass effect.
Moon – Fixed the moon halo appearing under the ocean.
Trees – Fixed tree billboards not rendering to depth properly, being overwritten by fog, etc.
Shadows – Fixed a bug where underwater objects were casting shadows on ocean surface.
Shadows – Fixed flickering cloud shadows at sunset.
Menus – Fixed a bug where you would exit to a black screen after dying.
Containers – Tidied up all container, cases and console colliders. Changed from mesh colliders to compound primitive colliders.
Bouncing Container Items – This is a problem between primitive colliders and mesh colliders. The bouncing items should be fixed for containers. It may still be a problem for rocks.
Input – Fixed input menu key bindings setting to “None”.
Input – Fixed mouse sensitivity appearing as incorrect value on first open of Input menu settings.
Input – Adjusted mouse smoothness default to 0.2.
UI – Fixed scaling for different aspect ratios to scale proportionally to any resolution now.
UI – Started cleaning up and optimizing hierarchy to reduce draw calls.
UI – Fixed various formatting mistakes.
Raft – Fixed jittery raft when paddling.
Ocean – Fixed foam lighting error with additional lights.

WIP and New Content :
Unity – Upgraded to latest version of Unity 5.1!
Ambient Occlusion – New ambient occlusion effect!
Antialiasing – New SMAA algorithm! Changed antialiasing render settings.
UI – New UI design and system! All UI elements have now been converted to Unity 5’s new native UI system.
Steam – Started to add in functionality to support Steam stats and achievements. The “days survived” counter on the main menu should now display correctly after you save the game.
Shadows – Added grass and foliage shadows for “Ultra” quality setting.
Shadows – Increased resolution for “Ultra” quality setting.
Lighting – Moved ambient lighting LUT creation offline.

Known Issues :
Ocean – The ocean surface underwater is currently being affected by ambient occlusion.
Foliage – Back faces of bushes and larger trees aren’t being lit correctly.

Title: Stranded Deep v0.04.E4 x64 Bit Full Version
Genre: Survival, Adventure, Indie, Early Access
Developer: Beam Team Games
Publisher: Beam Team Pty Ltd
Release Date: 15 July 2015
Game Size : 242 MB
Download Links Stranded Deep Build 0.04 :

SDAv0.04x64wwwSKIDROWREPACKScom.rar – 237.1 MB
SDAv0.04x64wwwSKIDROWREPACKScom.rar – 237.1 MB
SDAv0.04x64wwwSKIDROWREPACKScom.rar – 237.1 MB
SDAv0.04x64wwwSKIDROWREPACKScom.rar – 237.1 MB
SDAv0.04x64wwwSKIDROWREPACKScom.rar – 237.1 MB

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