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PC game Cat Girl Full Version Free download released on 31 Aug 2017 with Direct Links and Torrent by SKIDROW Repacks. Visual novel Cat Girl Full Cracked by DARKSiDERS. Cat Girl is an AVG with an incredible storyline and voice-over throughout all game for main characters. Besides over 100,000-word script, the game also has different choices, which will lead to numerous endings. Hope for Cat Girl uncensored patch soon.

Cat Girl Full Version

Game Title: Cat Girl SKIDROW
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: 夢かき屋
Publisher: SakuraGame
Language : English

Review PC Game Cat Girl Full Version :

At first I was gonna thumb this down, because you torture a Cat Girl Full Version, but then I saw it’s just a mask and you’re just torturing a normal girl which makes it fine.

However, this game does show how cancer steam’s censoring policy is because apparently you can’t show nudity or h-scenes in games like Nekopara on steam but you can show straight up clearly non-consensual asphyxiation, whipping and “waterboarding” abuse as long as you draw some rabbit over the genitals of the girl.

Cat Girl Full Cracked

Cat Girl Full Cracked

Seriously, isn’t it time to bring some consistency to this bullshit? I can’t even meme about it because it’s legit cancer. I wanna see loving catgirl sex but I can’t, but I can see a girl pleading for mercy as her air supply is cut off because a skin tight latex piece is not a nude body and a bleeding and whipped back is not a nipple.

Was this game even reviewed? I know VR games get flushed straight through any quality control, but VNs too? Because you’d think they would have noticed the literal sexual abuse, the crying and pleading of the girl being tortured, or at least the horrible fucking English translation and the fact that you could program a better game in the original Game Maker.

I’m thumbing this game up because it’s a 60 cent piece that shows that on steam, anything goes, as long as you don’t show nips. Get your shit together and get this trash of steam, or give me uncensored Nekopara. Thanks.

Cat Girl

How to Install Cat Girl Full Game :

  1. Download PC Game Cat Girl DAKRSiDERS Here – 318 MB: setupCGDSwwwSKIDROWREPACKScom.7z | Mirror
  2. Extract (7zip)
  3. Run Setup.exe and Play

Minimum System Requirements :

  • OS: WIN7 SP1/WIN8/WIN10/XP
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible graphics card
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
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