Princess Britania ~Muse no Houken~ Free Download

Game Princess Britania ~Muse no Houken~ Free Download by SKIDROW Repacks and full cracked in direct link and torrent for PC windows. Princess Britania ~Muse no Houken~ Full Version is visual Novel games.

Princess Britania ~Muse no Houken~ Free Download

Description Game Princess Britania ~Muse no Houken~ Free Download :

Britannia the king governs and the neighboring Republic of Hilbenia continued wars for a long time. But before King Britannia abdicated, the two countries will start moving towards a cease-fight as soon as the Majesty’s Majesty’s throne began.

One of Britannia’s seven major aristocrats, the leading character of the Sheffield family, came to a ceasefire agreement between the two countries as a treasure trove of Brethwalda. However, on the same day when the cease-fire agreement is about to be concluded, Hilbenia’s delegation who went to Britannia was attacked.

In order to avoid the warfare again, the hero takes the life from the maestroous Queen and takes care of the incident. girls ★ dynamics’ s second Neo Heroic Opera series Second edition!

Game Title : Princess Britania ~Muse no Houken~ SKIDROW
Original title : Princess Britania~ミューズの宝剣~
Aliases : Princess Britania: Treasured Sword of Muse
Developer : girls★dynamics
Genre:Neo Heroic Opera ADV, Otome Game R-18
Original picture:Ichino
Language : Japan
English Language : N/A
Scenario:Ikumi, Chisaki, girls dynamics
Download Links Princess Britania ~Muse no Houken~ Full Version : PBritaniawwwSKIDROWREPACKScom.7z – 3.5 GB

3 thoughts on “Princess Britania ~Muse no Houken~ Free Download

  1. clara

    woah you are the best! ^^
    i was just wondering tho, does it have english translation?
    or is it all in japanese (dialogues etc) ?

    sorry for my eng, i hope you can understand, thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. taintedkittystone

      I believe this is the Japanese version. I don’t think anyone has an English patch out for it yet.


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