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Game Request – Before request,  please use the “Search Box” feature and if it’s not available at SKIDROWREPACKS then proceed to ask, if you need help or just starting out, it’s OK to post anyway.

  1. Request Any Games PC u Want
  2. No Links To any Other Sites.
  3. Request in “Comments Box”

If you got any Game request post it here. And users will help. If you buy game from official store, you can upload and send me the game. 🙂


Don’t request two or more Games at the same time please. So basically each members is allowed the request one Game at the time and can only request another Game when his/her previous request is fulfilled


Before you request be sure you can’t find the Games on SKIDROWREPACKS.
Don’t request these games (Can’t crack):

  • Elite: Dangerous (Only ONLINE, so it never can crack)
  • The Crew (Only ONLINE, so it never can crack)
  • Skate 3 (This game not on PC, why many people request it? )
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (This game can’t crack, because it only MMO, not single)
  • Diablo 3 (Can’t crack)
  • Titanfall (This is online game, so can’t crack) And Online Games.

1,998 thoughts on “Request Games

  1. JustAnotherGamer

    Hey can you please update the links for Wilder: Bahadur’s Story please? None of the ones on the page seem to be working

  2. Ally

    Can XOXO Droplets Full Version Extension be re-upload? All links are dead, sorry for the bother and thanks :”)

  3. fatto

    Could you please reupload “Princess Britania ~Muse no Hou” ?because all links are outdated.
    Thx a lot any way!

  4. Aiden

    Can you try to repack the original Plants vs Zombies? Because it is really fun and my childhood 😛 Thanks!

  5. Norhamidah H.Hassim

    Hello, good day. I would also like to request a game, Reines des Fleurs as I have searched and there were no results. Thank you ^^

  6. Naraka

    Taishou x Alice all of one, please!!!
    I have already play episode 1, but I want to play the rest route!!
    I see another version (Taishou x Alive head&tail) on your site too, but the link didn’t work anymore and the mirror link needs the password! Can you give me the password, please?
    Thank you very much!
    Sorry for bothering you!

  7. Mark

    Hi, Requst shoot em up Indie game called, Rofaxan 2089 A.D. just hope you might have it ?
    That will be great, thank you, look forward to hearing from you soon 🙂

  8. Ryokoko

    Request: Upload
    Game: Blackish House Side A→

    Hi! Can you upload the first game? I found the second (Side Z) in the page but not the firts game. (Sorry for my broken english)


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