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Free Download English Game Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol.5 Full Version by SKIDROW

Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol.5 Full Version

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SKIDROW Repacks – Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol.5 Full Version is a visual novel. More specifically, it is a kinetic novel, without any branching routes. Returning character artist Akio Watanabe and writer Ryuta Fujisaki bring you the latest installment in the acclaimed Grisaia series, “Grisaia: Phantom Trigger”. Murasaki’s sister Yuuki has returned to Japan and begins bonding with the other members of Class A. Feeling out of place, Murasaki thinks back on when she first met Haruto. Where was the secret art Haruto sought out in her village really hidden?

Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol.5

Title: Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol.5 SKIDROW
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Developer: Frontwing

Review Game Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol.5 Full Version : The best of the five volumes! I always found Grisaia PT to be lacking, But this one was the best one. It feels like playing the original trilogy again. Yuuki and Murasaki story is probably my favorite so far, but my favorite part was that it included Haruto more than the other 4 novels. The story is short but I enjoyed every part of it, and that was the vital part. If you felt like the past four volumes were just “ok” this one is at least a step further. My only complain will be the unnecessary parts that don’t contribute to the plot, for example when they start getting too much into “guns” or “food,” I understand the concept, but they go so far it feels like they are making the voice actors read Wikipedia articles to fill space and that bothers me. If you are going to include information that seems unnecessary you need to mark the importance of what they said for the next scene. None likes filler dialogue, for example, like when talking about what food they dislike for 15 minutes. The novel is already too short to be putting this filler dialogues. Lucky for us, they only did it twice in this volume and everything else was incredibly entertaining for me. Get Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol.5 Free Download and playing now Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol.5 Full Game.

Game Size : 3.3 GB
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