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SKIDROW – Free download One Last Chance Full Version is a very short visual novel, 30-40 minutes for a single playthrough assuming you listen to all the voiceover. There are 6 possible endings though, so there is definitely replay value for you adventure hunters out there. Personally, I liked it, the art style was nice, the music was gorgeous and I felt the voice acting really gave it a more human touch. It may not be for everyone as it’s clean (no sexual content) and is surprisingly deep at times (the tone is light at the beginning but becomes a bit heavier as the story progresses).

One Last Chance Full Version One Last Chance

Game Title: One Last Chance SKIDROW
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Last Lotus
Publisher: Last Lotus
Release Date: 7 Apr, 2016
Free Download Link One Last Chance Full Version – 160 Mb:

Review One Last Chance : This one was a rather surprising VN really. Not like a lot of the other ones I have played in the past, not at all, and I like that a lot. We are presented with a protagonist who is seemingly a very normal man, a salesman in the steel pipes business, this is clearly done to show us that he’s an everyman that any of us can identify with. The story One Last Chance Full Version is about him meeting up with a lost love on a business trip and depending on what your decisions are during the trip, different outcomes happen. Now this is not a surprise as that is what Visual Novels are about, the surprising bit is how staunch and strong the ideals and views of the characters are. In this type of “pretty” VN you’d rarely get characters that have such definite ideals and convictions, and for me that makes this a real diamond in the rough. I applaud the developers and publishers for publishing such a game, as I know many studios may feel that it would be quite risky to do so.

As for production values it seems nice enough and a lot of the other reviewers have already touched on that so I don’t want to repeat what they’ve said. One of the other reviewers said she found a bug in the game but I’ve had a few playthroughs and so far nothing! Maybe the developers already fixed it! Download One Last Chance Full Version and playing now this game.

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