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English visual novel game Spirit Parade Free Download for PC windows by SKIDROW Repacks and playing now Spirit Parade Full Game. The story centers around Nara, a cynical 17-year-old girl who mostly shut herself off from the world after contracting spinal polio at a young age and becoming unable to walk. One night, a festival is going on in town.

Spirit Parade Free Download

Instead of going with her family, Nara wanders off alone, not wanting to slow them down. As she goes through the various stalls, things become hazier and gradually Nara finds herself surrounded by people with ears, tails, and horns… and suddenly her clothes and wheelchair disappear! After a run-in with a rambunctious kitsune named Hayato and a scary-looking dragon officer of death named Shuye, Nara finds out that her soul has left her body and has been transported to the spirit world, where all the demons and spirits are celebrating a month-long festival. Until the end of this festival, she won’t be able to return home…

Spirit Parade Full Version

Will Nara survive long enough in the spirit world to go back in one piece? Will she be able to get over her bitterness borne from the past, or will she be engulfed in hatred and lose sight of what’s truly important? Get Spirit Parade Free Download and playing now Spirit Parade Full Version.

Game Title : Spirit Parade SKIDROW
Aliases : 霊の夜行
Developer : Lettuce Waltz
Publishers : Lettuce Waltz
Links Spirit Parade Free Download – 274 MB: setupSPSRwwwSKIDROWREPACKScom.7z

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