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English visual novel game Tropical Liquor Free Download by SKIDROW Repacks for PC windows. Tropical Liquor Full Game is a HuniePop memory game, but with Nekopara’s Sayori doing the art. And surprisingly, a free h-patch (uncensored adult patch); uncommon for Sekai Project games.

Tropical Liquor Free Download

Game Title: Tropical Liquor SKIDROW
Genre: Casual, Indie
Developer: Tentacle Games
Publisher: Sekai Project
Release Date: 10 Mar, 2018

Review Game Tropical Liquor Free Download : Just fisnihed one route. I recommend the game if you liked huniepop (similar gameplay, but way easier) and nekopara (sayori art), or are just looking for something lighhearted or date cute girls game type.

Tropical Liquor Full Version Tropical Liquor SKIDROW

Now for the bad points: only autosave, have to click to progress the dialogue, no more detailed settings (text speed, toogle on/off voice, etc). The engine/interface irks me wrongly, i don’t like games that make me go their merry way. Hopefully the developer takes notes of the technical problems for their next games.

Despite these problems, i still say give it a go. There’s a free h-patch and the game isn’t a unplayable bug mess (the tutorial bug was already fixed), Sayori art is great and the heroines are cute and captivating for every public (despite the expected cliches/tropes). Get Tropical Liquor Free Download and playing now Tropical Liquor Full Version.

How to Install Tropical Liquor Free Download :

  1. Get Tropical Liquor Full Game here : wwwSKIDROWREPACKScomsetupTL.7z (2.7 GB)
  2. Extract and install
  3. Play
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