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SKIDROW Repacks – Free download VR Kanojo Full Game released on 2 March 2017 for windows and cracked by SKIDROW. PC game VR Kanojo Full Version is a brand new title from Illusion that inherits the concept of “RealKanojo”.

VR Kanojo Full Version

Review Game VR Kanojo Full Version : Got my copy off the Illusion Shop today and got to test it out. The game does indeed feel pretty close to summer lesson. However I would say that summer lesson had better graphics/animations and was more drawn out. As in VR Kanojo it’s more or less straight to the point and like alot of illusion’s games mechanics and stroy are a bit neglected over focus on fanservice. But it’s a cool experience and if you liked summer lesson then this is the next step for you. Get VR Kanojo Free Download and playing now.

VR Kanojo Free Download VR Kanojo Full Game

Game Title : VR Kanojo SKIDROW Repacks
Genre: Simulation
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, Japanese
Players: Single-player
Download VR Kanojo Full Version – 1300 MB:

setupVRKwwwSKIDROWREPACKScom.7z | Mirror

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