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Skidrowrepacks.com – Download Yosuga no Sora English Full Cracked by SKIDROW is best visua novel game for PC windows, story about Yosuga no Sora English Full Version is Two twins – Haruka and Sora, his younger sister, are going back to grandfather’s house. They visited this house many times when they were kids and they still remember it. A while ago, they lost their parents in a car accident and they decided to move and live at their grandfather’s house…. Nao, their old friend, Ryouhei, his classmate, Akira, a miko at a neighboring shrine, and Kazuha, Akira’s close friend, welcome them. Nothing is changed. His good old memories and silent atmosphere heal his sadness…. However, his peaceful life gradually changes…. A secret promise made long time ago. A lost treasure. A real reason for moving to the town. Real feelings. The story now starts under the summer sun.

Yosuga no Sora English Full Version Download Yosuga no Sora

How to Install Yosuga no Sora English SKIDROW :

  1. Download and extract YNSwwwSKIDROWREPACKScom.part1 – part 5.
  2. Mount SPH-001.mdf use powerISO (or daemon tools or alchohol 120 whatever).
  3. Run Setup.exe, install and play Yosuga no Sora English Full Version.

English patch installation instructions :
To play english version of Yosuga no Sora/Haruka na Sora, you need to:

  1. Have already installed japanese version and be able to run it – this can me done by setting system’s locale to Japanese or by using Microsoft AppLocale (it’s possible to install it even on Windows 7 if you google for instructions).
  2. Substitute the file system/yosuga.csx in Yosuga no Sora installation folder (for example C:\Program Files\Sphere\ヨスガノソラ\system\yosuga.csx) with translated version of this csx file. Similarly in Haruka na Sora.

Walkthrough – Yosuga no Sora :
To unlock Sora’s route, you have to complete the game once with any other heroine. There is one choice per heroine (besides Motoka), in which you can choose her (1st option) or not (2 option). If you choose more than one heroine, the one you’ve chosen first is used.
The choices in game are for heroines in the following order: Sora (if unlocked), Nao, Akira, Kazuha.

Game Title : Yosuga no Sora SKIDROW
Original title : ヨスガノソラ
Aliases : In Solitude, Where We are Least Alone., Yosusora
Length : Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Developer : Sphere
Publishers : Sphere
Release: Dec 5, 2008
Free Download Link Yosuga no Sora English Full Version – 2.3 GB:

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