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About Game Puzzle Vacations – Christmas 2023:

Embark upon an enchanting odyssey traversing the marvels of the festive season with Puzzle Vacations: Christmas. This captivating mosaic challenge stands as the quintessential conduit to submerge oneself in the Christmas ethos, proffering an opulent and diverse array of enigmas that encapsulate the very quintessence of the holidays.

Spanning five enthralling categories, boasting a grand total of 125 resplendent images, Puzzle Odyssey beckons players to traverse a panorama of Christmas scenes and motifs. Christmas Township animates the snug, vibrant thoroughfares brimming with seasonal jubilance, while the Nature division unveils the tranquil allure of winter vistas. Animal conundrums showcase endearing creatures reveling in the festive spirit, Decorum fixates on intricate and festive embellishments, and the Treats category presents a delectable array of holiday confections.

Whether seeking repose or pursuing a mentally invigorating challenge, ‘Puzzle Vacations – Christmas 2023‘ stands as the consummate diversion. Its amalgamation of alluring visual aesthetics, diverse puzzle permutations, and festive leitmotifs renders it an impeccable selection for participants spanning all age cohorts. Assemble, nestle in, and allow Puzzle Vacations: Christmas to convey you to a realm suffused with Christmas awe and puzzle-solving elation. Download Puzzle Vacations – Christmas 2023 and enjoy this game.

Game Puzzle Vacations - Christmas 2023

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • DirectX Version: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 847 MB

Game Features

  1. Explore 125 captivating Christmas-themed puzzles!
  2. Choose from 27 Jigsaw and 28 Swap puzzle types! Solve puzzles up to 972 pieces large!
  3. Make gameplay simpler with useful functions like Timer, Reshuffle, Rotate, and Hint!
  4. Hint option to help players if you are stuck! Customize your background color!
  5. Comes with wallpapers and a full soundtrack!
  6. No locked levels means you can play your way!

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Game Size: 476 MB

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