Witch on the Holy Night

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Game Witch on the Holy Night

Game Witch on the Holy Night

About Game Witch on the Holy Night

Witch on the Holy Night is a classic visual novel game for PC Windows. TYPE-MOON, known for the wildly popular mobile game “Fate/Grand Order” and the epic visual novel “Tsukihime,” is releasing a remaster of the 2012 hit “Witch on the Holy Night”. This remastered iteration incorporates highly anticipated fully vocalized characters and visually enhanced content rendered in pristine high definition, elevating the overall encounter to unprecedented levels of quality and authenticity.

The deft manipulation of visual components not only infuses combat sequences with palpable suspense but also animates the mundane activities of the characters, breathing vitality into their everyday lives. The inclusion of animated graphical elements introduces an entirely novel dimension to the immersive reading experience.

Visual Novel Witch on the Holy Night

In an era saturated with commonplace narrative structures, this game distinguishes itself by transcending the conventional. Traverse through a tale where innocence converges with arcane forces, where the echoes of the 1980s resonate with newfound vigor. The amalgamation of voice artistry, high-fidelity visuals, and narrative finesse coalesce to craft an unparalleled odyssey.

Indulge in a symphony of linguistic prowess, a veritable kaleidoscope of lexical opulence, as TYPE-MOON invites enthusiasts to relish an opulent rebirth of an iconic narrative. This remastered rendition promises not just a gaming experience but an odyssey through the annals of unparalleled storytelling.


In the mansion on the hill, there lived two witches…

It is the late 1980s—the twilight of an era of beauty and vigor.
A boy moves to the city, barely missing two witches living in modern times.

The boy leads a completely ordinary life.
She carries herself with gallant pride.
The girl lives a sleepy, hidden life.

Each walks a starlit path.
One would never expect their paths to cross.
The story of how these three disparate people came together is soon to be told.

Minimum System Requirements

  1. OS: Windows 10(64bit)
  2. Processor: The 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor
  3. Memory: 8 GB RAM
  4. Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  5. DirectX: Version 11
  6. Storage: 17 GB available space

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