Elven Rivers 4 – Raging Waves

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Game Elven Rivers 4 - Raging Waves Free Download

Game Elven Rivers 4 – Raging Waves Free Download

About Game Elven Rivers 4 – Raging Waves:

In Elven Rivers 4: Raging Waves, you assume the role of Celene, an adept elven scout confronted with a formidable trial. As you traverse through this mystical domain, your mission is to grapple with a cataclysmic deluge menacingly encroaching upon the eastern marshlands. This environmental upheaval has metamorphosed once tranquil rivers into malevolent torrents, imperiling all in their trajectory. Amidst the bedlam orchestrated by nature, an enigmatic shadow looms in proximity to the dams, hinting at a malevolent influence at work. Your odyssey is defined by unraveling verities and confronting unforeseen perils.

The encounter in Elven Rivers Raging Waves seamlessly amalgamates high-stakes action with strategic quandary resolution. While navigating through this exigency, you’ll encounter an ally who initiates you into the realms of science and craftsmanship, indispensable for thwarting the tumultuous waters. The game proffers an array of modes, catering both to aficionados of a narrative-centric escapade and those in pursuit of a more arduous, temporally constrained journey. In the course of your sojourn, seek out concealed artifacts and strive to fulfill a succession of accomplishments. Elven Rivers 4 SKIDROW pledges an enthralling narrative where your decisions can either stem the deluge of annihilation or herald your downfall.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1.6 GB

Game Features:

  1. Select from a variety of game modes, including a fast-paced race against time and a laid-back storyline. Collaborate with your teammates to outwit your adversaries.
  2. Win the affection of a mighty and arrogant gryphon!
  3. The main plot is continued in 15 levels.
  4. there are additional objectives and achievements.
  5. coloring pages and puzzle pieces buried.
  6. downloadable wallpapers.
  7. a large artwork that can be finished by beating every level!

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Game Size: 264 mb

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