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SKIDROW – Free download Impulse! Full Version is detective visual novel, with a very nice visuals and FULL english voiceover. I’m not sure if this VN mimicking japanese detective anime cliches, but here you can find something like beach special, blue icecream and girls dressed Nana style. Aside from that this game also inclides point and click part where you look for the evidence and stuff.

Impulse! Full Version Impulse!

Game Title: Impulse! SKIDROW
Genre: Adventure
Developer: NewWestGames
Publisher: NewWestGames
Release Date: 7 Apr, 2016
Download Link Impulse! Full Version – 600 MB:

Review : Impulse! Full Version is a slice of life visual novel about a band trying to make a name for themselves in Seattle, Washington. The only catch is people around them keep getting murdered and the wanna-be Mysteries Inc keep getting involved trying to find answers. As the band tries to focus on their studies, careers and relationships the looming threat to their lives and those of their friends distracts them every step of the way. Follow along through an adventure filled with drama but also light hearted fun and great music.

The main focus of the game Impulse! Full Version is on the band called Impulse that consists of Chris, the main character and guitarist, Joe the drummer, Li the bassist and Laura the singer. On the night of their first real gig tragedy strikes, one of their own classmates and a fellow singer turns up dead at the venue. What transpires next is an adventure reminiscent of Scooby-Doo as the band tries to solve the murder since they feel the police aren’t doing a good enough job. Unfortunately, more dead bodies follow making things more complicated, but that doesn’t stop their career as they book more and more gigs. Amidst the dead bodies and music the story does a good job of showcasing the four lead characters’ personalities and their friendships and somehow even fits in a romance aspect for Chris. You have the option of pursuing Laura or Li romantically or just stay single if you’re not in the mood to date while a serial killer is on the loose.

And that leads me to what my actual issue with the plot is, the conflicting murder mystery story and the story of the band. I won’t spoil anything story-wise but I will say Chris and his friends are horrible detectives which makes sense since they’re young and have no training. However, because of this it sort of drags down the mystery part of the game, they attempt to collect evidence and figure out who the killer is but what that actually translates to is breaking into crime scenes and then accusing people wildly of murder. The police in the game aren’t much better since, despite Impulse not being very bright they are still better at trying to find the murderer than the Seattle PD. What I really enjoyed about the game was the actual story of the band, their rise to fame and the drama surrounding them. Without the murder element this could very well have just been the only part of the game’s story and it would have worked perfectly. The characters are well done and strong enough to support a story just about them without the added shock value of murder.

But since murder is part of the story is also affects how the game plays. While most of the game is a standard visual novel you have to read through and click to progress the story with very few choice options that only deal with your relationship with Laura or Li, there are some investigative areas as well. You’ll have to comb over crime scenes for evidence by clicking on things, that evidence is used later when you confront a suspect and what you found to backup your theories. The other unique part is when you’re with the band going over a situation you can choose certain comments to press further as you figure out new details of a case. All of these things are interesting twists but they don’t affect the story much. There is no penalty for a wrong choice when brainstorming with the band or confronting a suspect so you can keep making choices until you find the right one if need be so it can go from feeling like a detective to plain old multiple choice. You can’t fail or get a bad ending the game, the closest thing to that would be not pursuing Laura or Li as romantic options and ending up single.

Since Impulse! Full Version is about a band and music you would expect the game to deliver in the audio department and it does very well. The game has great background music fitting of the tone in the game but it is also fully voice acted as well. Only inner monologue and the voice of the killer in the beginning do not have audio, every character in the game has a voice actor no matter how minor. That adds up to a lot of lines! Overall all of it is done well, there are of course some weak points but I didn’t find the voice act as annoying as I expected I would. The game also has great artwork. The character models look good and fit their respective parties but there are also some great cutscenes as well. Some of the cutscenes feel a bit flat, though. Notably one where Chris and Laura are sitting on a couch playing video games, the art quality doesn’t match other scenes, like one where Laura is drinking wine on the same couch. However, the instances of good artwork outshine throughout the game

I found Impulse! Full Version to be a great visual novel experience. While I found the murder mystery aspect to be a bit weak, the overall story is strong enough to keep a player’s interest. There are great moments of subtlety in the game, writing that if paid close attention to helps round out the story itself even more. The game on Steam has trading cards as well as achievements that are not hard to collect as an added bonus. I had a few technical issues that had to do with the engine the game as made on, lack of autoplay for the text or any option to speed up or slow down the text and such, but the game was a lot of fun to play and in the end I over looked these things. This game has good story, good characters and lovely artwork, that’s enough to keep me happy when it comes to a visual novel so I do recommend adding this one to your library. Download Impulse! Full Version and playing now this game, free!

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