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SKIDROW – Free download PC game Teikoku Kaleido -Banka no Kakumei- a.k.a The Charming Empire Full Version for windows with english language. Visual novel The Charming Empire Full Game is a dating simulation game set in the Taisho Roman era of Japanese history.

The Charming Empire Full Version

Review Game The Charming Empire Full Version:

Bought this on a whim and for what its worth its decent the story is fine for being originally a mobage don’t expect something like Nightshade though because you’ll probably be disappointed.

The Charming Empire Full Game

The art and voice acting is nice, there are plenty of CG I’ve only done Seras route as of now by the way he’s really cute so as an otome it gets the OK sign from me, since I haven’t done all route I can’t warn you if there’s there’s any weirdoes but I think most of them are decent? except the brother maybe…

The Charming Empire Free Download

Honestly the voice acting really make everything a little better and the translation was decent except for ”character select” but there’s an issue right now with this game not saving my settings permanently and making files on my PC every time I do so. As for length it depends on your reading speed, some chapter felt a little longer than others but that may have been because I was enjoying myself?

I hope this game sells enough so that in the future Dogenzaka Lab can bring more otome games from different developers with voice acting to steam. Get The Charming Empire Free Download and playing now The Charming Empire Full Version.

Game Title: The Charming Empire SKIDROW
Genre: Adventure
Developer: OperaHouse Corporation
Publisher: Dogenzaka Lab
Release Date: Apr 20, 2017
Download Link The Charming Empire Full Version – 300 MB:
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22 thoughts on “The Charming Empire Full Version

  1. noct

    Hi skidrow, the save function doesn’t work and the original story won’t unlock even after reading the prologue?

  2. Hanna

    Thanks for upload! When I open the setup.exe, it asks for user information, may I ask what I should put for name and company? Sorry for the trouble.

  3. Melissa

    When I run the program, it’s show that window has stopped working. What should I do to fix it?

    1. Ashylyn

      did you save at the prologue? i had the same problem when i tried to save at the prologue part but when i started playing the routes, i can now save the game. i think the game won’t let you save at the prologue part. Not really sure but it worked for me. 😀 Hope that helps

      1. Bambi

        Yes indeed ^^
        It’s just in the prologue that we can’t save, but once in the route we can save 🙂


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