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SKIDROW Repack – Download Lesson of Passion Gold (LOPGold) – Seducing The Throne Full Version with cheats and cracked by SKIDROW. Your name Lord Anthony Hailing. You’re the last heir to the Hailing family, once a powerful political force inside the capital with the kingdom.

Seducing The Throne Full Version Download Seducing The Throne

Once you were a kid, all your family members was shipped to function as diplomats about the northern frontier and keep the barbarians down but this was at most a political move with a temporary ruler who sought to consolidate his power after the death of the well-loved king. He seized the throne for his or her own daughter, whom he’d conceived with one of the king’s cousins, and rid the capital of scotland – his most powerful adversaries by sending them to distant battlefronts.

An old secret has occured: Lord Bigtoes discovered you are in reality a bastard child of the mother using the former king, along with the rightful heir to the throne. It’s a secret that could ensure you get killed, unless it is revealed to those at the ideal time.

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