DRAMAtical Murder re:connect Full Version

SKIDROW Repack – This is the fandisc of DRAMAtical Murder. Game DRAMAtical Murder reconnect full cracked by SKIDROW Repacks offers ending afterstories of the endings of the original game. There are also Featured Contents. Download and playing now DRAMAtical Murder re:connect Full Version.

DRAMAtical Murder reconnect Full VersionDownload DRAMAtical Murder reconnect

Featured Contents for DRAMAtical Murder re:connect Full Version:

  • THE CHIRAL NIGHT -Dive into DMMd-: Read the special ADV scenes that were presented on Nitro+CHiRAL’s 2012 Concert, as well as Web Voices!
  • DRAMAtical Mother (DRAMAtical Moder in English Translation Patch): Nitro+CHiRAL’s 2012 April Fools ‘title’ made its way to this game! Watch the special 8-bit ‘RPG’ movies that took place in the DMMd world.
  • Character Matching Game: This is a minigame where you match cards. Play as Aoba and strike through as you play a match with the DMMd cast!
  • Special Gallery: See the official art that was made when DMMd was developed. Includes magazine-exclusives art (from Cool-B and B’s LOG) and Limited Edition wallpapers.
  • 2012 April Fools -Aoba’s Twitter Log-: See Aoba’s twitter log.
  • Countdown Voices: Listen to the 8-day countdown voices that were used for the release countdown of DRAMAtical Murder (12.03.15-12.03.23) and DRAMAtical Murder re:connect (13.04.18-13.04.26)!

How to Install DRAMAtical Murder re:connect Full Version:

  1. Change regional settings to Japan
  2. Install the game from cd image
  3. Overwrite files from Crack folder
  4. Overwrite files from Patch folder
  5. Change destination file path in desktop shortcut
  6. Enjoy the game 😀

How to Setting Computer Locale to Japanese:
In order to work (on Windows), you have to set your system locale to Japanese in Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Region and Language > Administrative > Change System Locale

Game Title : DRAMAtical Murder reconnect SKIDROW
Developer: Nitro+CHiRAL
Year: 2013
Genere: BL Game, Visual Novel
Game mode: single player
Age restriction: +18
Audio language: Japanese
Game language: English
Length: Short (2-10 hours)
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