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Dungelot Shattered Lands Free Download is a casual strategy game for PC windows and released on 19 Feb 2016. This game cracked by ALiAS. Dungelot Shattered Lands Full Version ,was the very first game I played on my iPad, and introduced me to the fact the casual / mobile gaming could have strategy and depth. This is a PC port of the sequel to that original iOS game, Shattered Lands. I decided to give it a purchase and see how it stands up as a full PC game, and the answer is very well!

Dungelot Shattered Lands Full Version Download Dungelot Shattered Lands

In Dungelot Shattered Lands Full Version you are given a set of hidden tiles that make up a dungeon floor. You must click on those tiles to find the exit to proceed to the next level. Underneath the tiles can be magic, healing, traps, chests, keys and of course, monsters. You can only clear tiles that are not protected; so you need to work out which tiles you can uncover by killing the monsters with your hero, whilst taking the least amount of damage possible. If you take too much damage, it’s game over and you’ll have to start a new game. This is why it’s compared to Minesweeper; as there’s a basic level of strategy that involves working out how many tiles you’ll free up with each battle and using that knowledge to pick your fights.

Dungelot Shattered Lands Full Version as strategy games go, it’s a casual one, but does have a surprising amount of depth and I’m having a lot of fun with it. Just as much fun as I had on the original game. Just bear in mind that it is more about the RNG, the Roguelike elements, character progression and the strategy of combat. The Minesweeper comparison is fairly superficial. It’s a rogue-like-lite (that’s a word right?) in that you are pretty much destined to die at first, but with each run you gain gold that you can spend on permanent upgrades that will make the next run easier and easier. Thus, you can progress ever further onwards. Some simple improvements that would make the game better in my personal opinion would be larger dungeons with a lot more tiles and a larger pool of classes with different abilities to add more depth to selection.

There is a little bit of a delibately trope-filled story and tongue-in-cheek dialogue, with a world map and different kingdoms to conquer. The first zone concludes with you fighting the epic zombie cow, who has turned against the vampire Vlad and over-ran his realm, tired of years of being sucked dry. It includes such classy dialogue as “Moo-ortals!” and other excessive Moo-ing. You start with one class, but can unlock four, each of which has a different strength and weakness, and there’s a small amount of strategy involved in choosing your class. Although mostly I found it was just picking the one I had the most fun with.

And that’s what this game comes down to – it’s simple, it’s casual, but it’s satisfying to play and definitely fun so a thumbs up from me!

P.S. If you think this level of strategy is just too casual for you to enjoy whilst sitting at the PC, check out the games on iOS, where they really are perfect for short spurts of gaming whilst away from the computer and are full, microtransaction-free games.

Dungelot Shattered Lands v1.32: Bug fixes & optimizations:

  1. Fixed tons of bugs with coins
  2. Fixed tons of bugs with menus
  3. Fixed occasional crash in the hideout
  4. No more overlapping menus

System Requirements Dungelot Shattered Lands

  • OS: Windows XP and UP
  • Processor: 1Ghz and up
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Dedicated preferred

Title: Dungelot: Shattered Lands SKIDROW Repacks
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG
Developer: Red Winter Software
Publisher: tinyBuild
Release Date: Feb 19, 2016
Crack : ALIAS
VErsion : 1.32
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