The Banner Saga 2 Full Version

SKIDROW – The Banner Saga 2 free download released on 20 Apr 2016. The Banner Saga 2 Full Version by CODEX, is the direct continuation of The Banner Saga and uses the same mechanics but better is all terms. If you liked the first game, the sequel won’t let you down. Beautiful graphics and gameplay with some added features and new interesting characters – it’s not just a carbon copy of the first one.

The Banner Saga 2 Full Version The Banner Saga 2

Game Title: The Banner Saga 2 SKIDROW Repacks
Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy
Developer: Stoic
Publisher: Versus Evil
Release Date: 20 Apr, 2016
File Name: codex-the.banner.saga.2.iso
Free download link The Banner Saga 2 CODEX – 3 Gb:

Review The Banner Saga 2 CODEX: There’s something about this game that I can’t put my finger on. It might be the entracing music, the Disney quality hand-drawn art, or perhaps it’s the fact that everytime I play this game it’s always 30 minutes later than I expected it to be.

The combat is simple, for the uninitiated. As you begin to dive into the character types, their respective special attacks, and equipable items, you’ll soon realize that there is a depth to the combat that will keep you coming back. When the odds are seemingly against you, and you do in fact manage to reduce your foe to a single unit vs. one or more of your own, you will feel like a champion. A real champion.

What has surprised me the most about The Banner Saga 2 Full Version is the number of choices and chances the game allows. Every combat decision, every discussion, every step on the map brings consequences.

I can’t tell you whether or not you should buy The Banner Saga, but I can tell you that you would almost be a fool not to.”

Even though I’ve (so far) only played The Banner Saga 2 Full Version for an hour, I am happy to tell you that 2 years later everything I adored in The Banner Saga 1 is alive and well in The Banner Saga 2 Full Version. The art, the music, all of the hard and rewarding decisions are back.

Anyone that loved The Oregon Trial, enjoys turn based combat, or just wants to experience a really well made game should pick up The Banner Saga 2 Full Version now.

Oh, and your save from The Banner Saga 1 can be imported. If you didn’t play the first (and I highly recommend doing so!) you can press a Recap button on the main menu to get up to speed.

I look forward to playing this game over the next 15-20 hours and salivating over The Banner Saga 3 for the next year+ 🙂

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