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SKIDROW – Solstice Free download released on 21 Apr 2016 by SKIDROW. Solstice Full Version is a visual novel from the same folks who did Cinders. Like Cinders, it has excellent characters and writing. Like Cinders, it is gorgeous. Unlike Cinders, it’s a mystery with two protagonists to give different points of view, and it’ll leave you guessing as you navigate different branches, ask different questions, and get different pieces of the puzzle depending on how you play.

Solstice Full Version Solstice

Game Title: Solstice SKIDROW Repacks
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: MoaCube
Publisher: MoaCube
Release Date: 24 Mar, 2016
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Review Solstice Full Version: Solstice is a game full of secrets. If you are a fan of MoaCube’s previous game Cinders OR if you’re a fan of VN games, this is an absolute must buy. Solstice is a beautifully constructed world riddled with deception, intrigue, and multiple perspectives that will keep you coming back for more each play through. I bought this game preior to the steam release and was hooked for a week solid.

The artwork and music are breathtaking and fit the mood of the story beautifully. Fans of Cinders will notice that the artwork is even more refined this time around. Characters will move (crossing arms, tapping their fingers, etc.) and change their facial expressions through the course of dialog. The backgrounds were not neglected here either; every setting is animated and detailed. There is a story book like quality that seeps into all of the visuals. The music plays perfectly off of the setting and moods of the charactesr, bringing The Jewel of the North to life.

The story is filled with betrayls and intrigues that require multiple play throughs to get a full picture of the city and those who chose to stay behind during true winter. You have a note taking system that catalogs major details you discover about each character. Depending on who was asked and what previous choices you make will lead to different discoveries. There are sometimes multiple ways to learn about a given character’s secrets. Learning a secret from one person will lead to an entirely different note entry and perspective on the events. One play through a character may be cast in a sympathetic light for their wrong doings, but in another play through they could be shown as cowardly or deceptive. It gives a great depth on how the truth is just a matter of personal perspective.

The characters of the story are just as deep and rich as the visuals/musical score. Each character has their own hidden agenda, motivations, and fears. The more you play, the more you realize that you cannot trust anyone at face value here and you’re required to read between the lines. The use of dual characters to tell the story (Galen & Yani) also adds some depth as both characters may have the same goal but completely different outlooks on their situation. Both main characters have a potential romantic interest in the story as well. I have to say it was refreshing to see a gay male main character that the writers didn’t feel the need to base his character purely around his sexual orientation. Galen is a sexually motivated character at times, but he is more than that as a character. Galen, Yani, and the full cast of Solstice come off as genuine individuals that will likely remind you of someone you’ve known. Very tough to get across that sort of reality in any writen medium.

There are four main endings to Solstice with most of them having varients giving an epilog to the fates of all characters involved. Unlike many entries in the VN genre, there is no true “best” ending here. Even in the endings where you save the city, its a bittersweet victory that leaves the player wondering if the city should have been saved.

It is easy to get sucked into the world of Solstice. Solstice Full Version is more than worth the price and its wonderful to see MoaCube delivering on another exceptional Western VN. Download and playing now Solstice Full Version.

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5 thoughts on “Solstice Full Version

  1. Sora

    There is an error at the last chapter where the main character has to choose between Stop Istvan and Find Constance. Could not proceed to the ending

  2. Yani

    Great !
    There’s an error in chapter 5 though, as stated before. It’s kind of frustrating stopping so close to the end, but oh well, I guess I should buy the game.


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