Ultimate Chicken Horse Full Version

SKIDROW – Ultimate Chicken Horse Free download released on 5 Mar 2016 by SKIDROW. Ultimate Chicken Horse Full Version is one of the most fun multiplayer games I’ve ever played. Me and my friends get a kick out of making levels and trying to outplay each other in this game. It’s fantastic, and playing now this game.

Ultimate Chicken Horse Full Version Ultimate Chicken Horse

Game Title: Ultimate Chicken Horse SKIDROW Repacks
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Clever Endeavour Games
Publisher: Clever Endeavour Games
Release Date: 5 Mar, 2016
File Name: sr-ultimatechickenhorse.iso
Free Download Link Ultimate Chicken Horse Full Version – 1 GB:

Review Ultimate Chicken Horse SKIDROW: Ultimate Chicken Horse Full Version is a competitive multiplayer platformer, with a twist. You need to place objects in the world to make it possible for you to reach the end, but harder for others to follow you.

The game :
The strength of this game lies in the ever-evolving levels. What once was as simple as jumping across five platforms, soon turns into a death race with black holes and death traps everywhere. The game is arguably going to be at its best when played locally because of how easy it is to communicate, plot and yell at your friends. It might still be fun using skype or similar, but it remains to be seen how well this game holds up when playing with complete strangers whom you can’t talk to.

This game features a fair amount of unlockable stages and costume pieces, so the game will remain fun as you keep playing it. The process of unlocking could easily have been a grind, but they managed to avoid that by adding something new after every game. The process of gaining the levels or costume is very interesting and unique: you have to, while competing, build something to get to the box that contains the unlockable. This leads to a team effort to mess everybody’s chances of winning up, and more often than not makes the rest of that match a lot more interesting.

There are a lot of parts, all of which can be used together in amazing ways. For example, you can use the rather ordinary platform with a saw, put some honey on it, and have an instant death trap for anyone who lands on it. And it only gets crazier as the game goes on, as more and more parts get placed. And if the level gets too hard, you always can still destroy some particularly troublesome parts. No parts will ever be used in the exact same way twice, and no game will be the same. It’s the perfect system to give infinite replayability.

Each game will take about 5 minutes to complete, which is the perfect length for this game. Play sessions will generally be longer than that though, when everyone keeps wanting to play one more time. All of the game rules can be changed – if there’s something that’s not quite right for what you currently want, you can most likely change that.

Summary :
+ Ever changing levels
+ Lots of parts
+ Interesting possibilities for interactions between parts
+ Short games and simple to set up

(-) Online may not be as good as local play

Conclusion :
I can find nothing bad to say about this game. The only thing that could possibly keep me from playing this, is its local play requirement and limited fun otherwise. But if you’re looking for local play game, then look no further than this. Download and playing now Ultimate Chicken Horse Full Version by SKIDROW.

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