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SKIDROW – Free download Malus Code Full Version is A Visual Novel (VN) with nice artwork and the animation is made using the Emote engine (which was also used in the Nekopara series). The characters are cute and have some decent development, although I thought the story was rather convoluted at times. In some ways, its very similar to Tokyo School Life, in terms of plot (a foreigner coming to Japan, etc). Too bad it is rather short (about 5-10 hours or so), but I guess I’m just saying that because I am used to long VN’s. Anyway, if you liked TSL or Nekopara, then you will like Malus Code Full Version.

Malus Code Full Version Malus Code

Game Title: Malus Code SKIDROW
Genre: Adventure
Developer: M2 Co.,LTD
Publisher: Dogenzaka Lab
Release Date: 6 May, 2016
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Malus Code.exe
Malus Code.exe
Malus Code.exe

Review : Malus Code Full Version is an extremely enjoyable and heavily flawed horror story about a poorly described viral infection. The characters are all enjoyable and incredibly stupid, twisting themselves around the labrynthian plot. Storywise, it suffers. You won’t find an easy to consume or understand story in Malus Code. It seems to take plot twists randomly, which are great for humorous effect but don’t make for much of a compelling story.

There are multiple times in the story where the plot sets itself up to study petri dishes, investigate odd medication, or check out strange ramen produced by a pharmaceutical company, but it never happens. It feels like this game was written quickly and haphazardly, and I urge you to pay attention and take note of everytime this game throws pointless red herrings in your face.

Just like Malus Code Full Version, this review has a twist in it. I highly recomend you buy this game and read it through. IT’S AMAZING. CHRIST. So funny. Be warned that there is no romance or the like, just unbridled so bad it’s good. Download Malus Code Full Version and playing now this game.

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