The Men of Yoshiwara Kikuya Full Version

SKIDROW – Hi Girl, after release The Men of Yoshiwara Ohgiya Full Version, now you can download The Men of Yoshiwara Kikuya by SKIDROW. The Men of Yoshiwara Kikuya is a popular visual novel for women. At the end, to whom is it that you will be talking of love?

The Men of Yoshiwara Kikuya Full Version The Men of Yoshiwara Kikuya

Review : The Men of Yoshiwara Kikuya Full Version is a fun little novelist styled type of game. The characters seem to be fairly interesting and the setting of the game fits in with the characters and where they are in the game. This game is definatly not everyones cup of tea, some parts of the game are somewhat…. intimate with 18+ stuff that isn’t really said at all in the game so just be aware of that. This game is also a port from phones, with a few changes in the text, but they took the animtations out of the characters for some reason I am unsure about though.

Game Play The Men of Yoshiwara Kikuya Full Version: This game is a novel, romance game. I believe that it was orignally made for phones, and therefore this game is a port, although having a look at the phone version, it seemed that they took out the animations for the characters for some bizarre reason. The game itself is fun if you are the sor tof person who likes to play there romance, novelist games for hours on end. For me personally I got bored of the game after doing the first route which took me about 2 hours to do. It seems that each character has it’s own route, with a regular and true ending to them both. Upon doing some research on this game, there is a character that comes with two routes which increases the replay value of the game slightly. There are also a fair amount of achievements implimented into the game, and a few trading cards to be idled for as well. However, there are a few problems that I have with this game. I am going to assume that this game was orginally made for Japanese, that takes me to my next point about the translation of the game. Of course, you can’t always translate things 100% correctly, (even if you do use Google translator) but there are some typos here and there while I was playing the game. Also some of the words where getting cut off at the end so it made it rather difficult to read.

Score (Out of 10): 5 – This game seems to have a lot of gameplay, if you are into this kind of genre then you will get the maximum game play out of it.

Game Title: The Men of Yoshiwara Kikuya SKIDROW
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Dogenzaka Lab
Publisher: Dogenzaka Lab
Release Date: 15 Oct, 2015

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  1. Rikooda

    Hey there, I’ve downloaded and extracted the game, but everytime I want to run it, the game is always not responding. Is there anything that I should do to make it work? like copying the crack. But, I didn’t see the crack, tbh. Thanks in advance anyway


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