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SKIDROW – Free download Duskers GOG, released on 18 May 2016. Duskers Full Version is a very interesting game. It’s got a unique gameplay style where you can issue commands to your drones in a command prompt or use them manually one at a time.

Duskers Full Version Duskers

Game Title: Duskers SKIDROW
Genre: Indie, Strategy
Developer: Misfits Attic
Publisher: Misfits Attic
Release Date: 19 May, 2016

Review Duskers Full Version: Duskers GOG is a sci-fi strategy ‘rogue-like’ game about gathering scrap in a dead universe. You sit at a computer in your space ship controlling your drones while they explore derelict space ships, hunting for scrap, fuel and useful tech.

The game Duskers Full Version is very old-school and controlled solely via the keyboard. There are two methods of controlling your drones, either by moving them around with the cursor keys, or by issuing commands to them via the terminal. Using the terminal requires you to memorize a handful of commands like ‘navigate’, ‘gather’ etc. As with all good terminals, you can just write the first few letters of a command and auto-complete it, speeding up the gameplay a little.

While exploring the rooms and corridors of the dead space ships and stations you often come across hostiles that can damage and destroy your drones. Luckily there are several ways to avoid and/or neutralize them; one way is to just suck them out the nearest airlock. This does however have the unfortunate effect of blowing out everything else that might have been in the room with the hostile. Point being, every action in Duskers Full Version has a consequence, and often you have to outweigh the risk with the reward. I’ve often omitted visiting parts of space ships because I just couldn’t risk losing my precious drones.

I spend a lot of the time while playing just analyzing the situation and trying to find out how best to explore the ship with the means at my disposal. Sometimes the game throws a wrench in my plans like rupturing a pipe in a room, leaking lethal radiation all over it, or perhaps temporarily breaking the video feed on my drones, leaving them blind. The game might seem unforgiving at times, but I actually think this is good, otherwise I could just learn the optimum strategy and use it every time; some randomness and chaos is good. Also, it sends the adrenaline pumping when several alarms suddenly go off and you know you have to jump ship, frantically trying to type the necessary commands to save your drones, but ending up with ‘naivgaet 1 r1’ instead of ‘navigate 1 r1’. Great fun!

The graphics Duskers Full Version are rather simple but work very well considering the setting. It actually reminds me of the computers from Alien (the movie), and by extension, Alien Isolation. Pure 70-80’s sci-fi goodness!

The audio is great, with ominous sounds being heard throughout the ship, bulkheads creaking, computers chattering, and creepy unindentified noises. Sometimes you hear a loud groan and an airlock ruptures somewhere in the ship, setting off beeping alarms and flooding the room with radiation.

Duskers Full Version really speaks to the nerd in me, as it has 3 elements that I adore: scifi, drones and the terminal. I’m an avid user of the Linux terminal, and this game gives me the same power at my fingertips as the Linux terminal does. I feel like I’m acting more directly with the game through the terminal than if I was using the mouse as in most games. Of course, it does help if you have a good typing keyboard, preferably one that clatters really loudly!

Duskers might certainly not be for everyone, but I think that if you like the aforementioned points, you’ll love this game. At this point I’ve only owned the game for a few days but have already played several hours (which is a lot for me) and still find it as interesting as when I first loaded it up. It’s a game I can pick up for 20 minutes or play for 2 hours as I wish, and I can easily see myself playing it for hundreds of hours over the next few years.

I give Duskers a big thumbs up, even at the current 20€ retail price. To me it is absolutely worth the price. Download Duskers Full Version and playing now this game.

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