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SKIDROW – Free download Steam Prison Full game released on 22 Dec 2016 and Cracked by SKIDROW for PC Windows. Steam Prison Full Version is a visual novel game.

Steam Prison Free Download

Description Game Steam Prison Free Download : People are divided into those who rule, and those who are ruled over. The great floods divided the world in two: The beautiful heavenly paradise, the Upper World, and the sullied Steam City, the Underworld.

The people of the Upper World, who were favoured and allowed to escape from calamity, scorn those who live in the underworld, who were not chosen to survive.

The protagonist, Cyrus, born and raised in the upper world, dislikes the underworld too. To the people of the Upper World, the Underworld is the far end prison criminals get sent to, the place where only the vulgar live. Cyrus spends her life away from the Underworld, maintaining public order and protecting the people of the Upper World as an officer, believing in her own justice.

One day, as part of her duty, Cyrus is sent to inspect the Underworld, and along with her partner, Fin, descends to a district full of criminals. As she comes into contact with this unknown world, her cogwheels of fate begin to turn.

System requirements in Steam Prison Free Download :

  • OS: the Windows Vista, / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10,
  • CPU: the Intel the Pentium IV of
  • RAM: 1GB
  • DirectX: the Version 9.0c
  • Video: 1280 × 720

How to Install Steam Prison SKIDROW:

  1. Switch to Japanese locale.
  2. Install and Run As Admin
  3. In the first window that appears, click ライセンス詔証 .
  4. In the second box in the first two fields, enter any characters (letters / numbers). The next four fields, – any digits (four digits for each field!). Then, in the box below them tick and click 詔証する .
  5. In the third box, in the enter any characters (letters / numbers) and press 登録する .
  6. In the fourth window, click the latter 開する蛤 .
  7. This will bring the start of the game window. Subsequent launches of the game to repeat the procedure no longer required!

Steam Prison Full Game Steam Prison Full Version Steam Prison Download Steam Prison

Game Title: Steam Prison SKIDROW Repacks
Original title: スチームプリズン
Developer/Publisher: HuneX
Language : Japanese
Voice Language : Japanese
Release Date: 2016-12-16
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17 thoughts on “Steam Prison Free Download

  1. kisaragi

    In the second box(click ライセンス詔証) .in the first two fields, enter digits,always error 3002,could you tell me why?

  2. Eva

    Surprisingly you’ve also have this game which’s just recently released and I’ve searched it really hard until came into this website! I just wanna say thank you so much SKIDROW !!! Hope you can provide more this type of japanese games in the future! =D

  3. Fiona

    excuse me sir, could you please check and re-upload the (part two) file? the link is broken at the moment
    thank you

  4. Koshino

    Hi? Thanks for this but I concern, I can’t save where I left from, when I try to come back, there’s no “load” data. Help me

  5. Meg

    Uugghh.. i cant download the 2nd part in mirror..its so slow though my internet connection is fine.. it always error 🙁
    Please, can you reupload the 2nd part in different link site.. thank you..


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