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SKIDROW Repacks – Free download PC game Battle Girls Uncensored Full Version released on 11 July 2017 for PC windows include adult patch.

Battle Girls Uncensored Full Version

Visual Novel Title: Battle Girls SKIDROW
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Dharker Studio , Brightly Studios
Publisher: Dharker Studio

Review Battle Girls Uncensored Full Game : PC game Battle Girls is a Sci-Fi/Ecchi visual novel by Dharker Studios. It’s a pretty short game if you read fast and can be completed in under 4 hours if you skip all of the dialogue and just want to complete the games based on achievements.

Battle Girls Uncensored Full Game


  1. Art: The art in this game is appealing, it’s stylish on its own and keeps the eyes glue to the screen. The characters are well drawn and is great fanservice material.
  2. Characters: Each character in this game is unique and offers different dialogues and options when you are interacting with them. These characters will appeal to many players who may prefer one certain type of girl over the other.
  3. Routes: There are 3 main routes, 2 secret routes, and 1 harem route. With this many routes included in the game, it should keep you entertained for awhile.
  4. Adult patch: This will always be a plus in my opinion, not only does it offer sexual scenes for the players to enjoy, it also offers a deeper look into the relationship the player will build with the characters. It’s like a sense of accomplishment after building a relationship with a character and then consummating it on a romantic level.
  5. Endings: There are multiple endings and I think they all are very satisfying. All of the endings truly depends on the choices and decisions you make in the game.


  1. Story: Although the game is decent, the story is a little cliche and bland. It’s a story about how the protagonist must win the tournament in order to bring glory to his country and help shift some power to his country. It also has that common anime sterotype where he’s “special” and is the reason why he has 3 co-pilots (the 3 main girls) instead of the normal 1 or 2 co-pilots.
  2. Music: The music wasn’t memorable at all and I didn’t really feel the need to have the volume all the way up in order to listen to it.
  3. Length: It’s not very short, but it’s not very long either. I think it’s a decent length visual novel (although I kind of read through it pretty fast).

Battle Girls Uncensored Free Download

Overall, this game is pretty decent for the price you’re paying. It’s the type of game that will keep you entertained and certainly fulfill your ecchi needs. The uncensored adult patch is a blessing and I thank Dharker Studios for making it available for free for the public. There are elements of Sci-Fi and Mech action in the visual novel, if you’re a fan of those genres, I highly recommend that you check out this visual novel and form your own bonds with these girls and bring glory to your country! Get Battle Girls Uncensored Free Download and playing now Battle Girls Uncensored Full Version by SKIDROW.

Game Size : 432 MB
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