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Amairo * Islenauts Full Version

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Visual Novel Title : Amairo * Islenauts SKIDROW
Original title : 天色*アイルノーツ
Length Long : (30 – 50 hours)
Developer : Yuzusoft

Description Amairo * Islenauts Full Version : Even though he had secured a teaching job after graduation from university, he was unsure if he wanted to continue being a teacher. One day, he was invited to be a teacher at a girl’s school… on the floating island!? Raizerg has streets reminiscent of Europe in the Middle Ages, employs fantasy technology and is inhabited by various races only thought to exist in a dreamworld. How will his new teaching life unfold in this fairy tale-like setting?

Amairo * Islenauts

Hurrah, another moe-ge from YuzuSoft!! The scenario writer list gets quite the boost this time around, with Konno Asta (HimanatsuKonosora) and Kagami Yuu (efMiranosu) joining the ranks. All the characters (including the subcharas) have their own attractive personalities and the pacing is pretty good. Tooru’s cousin Airi (imouto position) and the nekomimi Kirihana-voiced Masaki are the two that caught my eye this time around. Airi in particular gives off Sana vibes with her hair down. On the other hand, Shirley is more delusional than Sana. While the trial was a bit underwhelming in my eyes (there was no clear plot and it felt like just a chara-ge where the setting wasn’t used to its full potential), there’s no harm in trying out a YuzuSoft game. Especially with a shy imouto like Airi. Wafu~ omochikaeri~!

Pretty typical Yuzusoft, though the lack of commitment to their own setting is a little annoying. If you are going to make a game like this just make it in some complete fantasy world or during another time or anything else really. Either way in the end its a Yuzu game so everything aside from the characters is meant to be thrown away and generally pretty much is. Get Amairo * Islenauts Free download and playing now game Amairo * Islenauts Full Version.

Game Size : 3 GB
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