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Fox Hime Zero Full Version

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SKIDROW Repacks – Yan is a student of natural history. He met a cute and mysterious girl with fox ears when he was engaged in a dull scientific research in a natural observation station. The story between him and her may be a “fortune” for every brave explorer in this magnificent era of geographical.

Game Title: Fox Hime Zero SKIDROW
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: AsicxArt
Publisher: SakuraGame
Release Date: 24 May, 2018

Review Game Fox Hime Zero Full Version : PC game Fox Hime Zero Full Game was 10 times better than the original Fox Hime (perhaps because they had more resources thanks to the success of Fox Hime so they could afford to invest more effort into it.) The story was very engaging right off the bat, and most importantly less story holes and it had so much more length to it. The longer the story, the less plot holes, the better it was and will be. I sat a good 2-3 hours just playing this visual novel and reading it from start to end. And I didn’t move a single cm from my spot. That’s how good the visual novel was.

Fox Hime Zero SKIDROW

The story was phenomenal, fun and funny, MUCH MORE engaging thanks to the introduction of a moe fox actually talking to you, the moody and incredible music was well fitted to all situations, and last but no least… emotional. This version of Fox Hime is a spin-off and an alterante reality where Yan and Mori do have a relationship which they build together with hardships and obstacles in the way, and in no way connected to the plot of Fox Hime.

Personally I had immense amount of fun and joy playing this visual novel, I had so much fun being in an emotional roller coaster. The story was just absolutely amazing and the occasional broken english really doesn’t kill the mood, it actually adds up to it as an extra comedy because of how broken and funny the english can be in this visual novel. And once again, this is my first visual novel ever, and I am glad it is my first one, since I will cherish this memory forever.

Fox Hime Zero

From randomly looking for cheap games on steam, having Fox Hime visual novels catch my eye cause I wanted to try something new for a change, to having a happy and satisfying day which I rarely have/had in the past months, thanks to Fox Hime and Fox Hime Zero Full Version.

I highly recomend this visual novel to anyone who’s into romance genre, you will not be disappointed, I guarantee you that. I am very looking forward to more visual novels from AsicxArt, they have caught my full attention. Get Fox Hime Zero Free Download and playing now Fox Hime Zero Full Version.

Game Size : 600 Mb
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