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Q. How can i get in contact skidrowrepacks.com?
A. You can contact us at https://skidrowrepacks.com/contact-us/. Please make sure you have an appropriate subject title, otherwise it might get caught in the spam filters.

Q.How To Download and how to unlock links download?
A. You can view video :  “How To Download Game from SKIDROW Repacks“.

Q. RAR corrupted?
Read: “How to extract corrupted .rar archives

Q. How to fix “The archive is either in unknown format or damaged”?
A. read : How to fix RAR – The archive is either in unknown format or damaged

Q. I got error, the application failed to start because d3dx9_xx.dll was not found. How to fix it?
A. Try install : “DirectX

Q. When I run Game, nothing happens, can you help me?
Try install : “All in One Runtimes

Q. How to fix : Applications initialize properly (0xc000 *****) failed; application errors, memory can not be written or read?
A. Install : Microsoft .NET Framework

Q. How to Fix : Missing xinput1_3.dll?
Try install : “DirectX

Q. What is the password?

Q. My antivirus or firewall software reports game contains a trojan or potentially dangerous program – what is happening?
A. If your anti virus say that virus or trojan, and delete files. You must turn off your anti virus, then extract/install game again. The games have a crack inside, the Anti-Virus usualy detect the crack as a virus (and try to delete game files) but there is no real virus, false detection. If this is a problem for you, buy the game. And don’t ask me about this again, thanks.

Q. How to check my PC clean from Virus Malware?
Download adwcleaner [Click Here] , then run, and install malwarebytes trial version [Click Here] or you can install Hitman Pro 3 Trial Version [Click Here] for check if your PC really clean from virus/malware. Please install antivirus (Recommended : MSE/Windows Defender , Kaspersky, ESET NOD32 ) in your PC and always update your antivirus.

94 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Sam winchester

    Ermmm sory t bother you but i completed my download but when i try open it,it open using window media player….any sugession or any software i needto install for this problem?

  2. Someone

    Uh I just downloaded one of your repacks I don’t know what to do or where to install it and theres an error that when i launch the game it just says that the app doesnt start correctly. Need help. Thanks.

  3. BOB

    I downloaded a game called “Undertale”. It worked perfectly. But I’m when I install the file, it asks me for my name and company’s name. I have no idea why I need to provide it. Hope I just get some answers. 🙂

  4. Um, just a question, whenever I launch the app, “Destiny’s Princess, a notification just pops up that says, “SOUND init failed.” and it immediately closes. What should I do to fix this?

  5. Jason Curtis

    when there’s more then one part, when you download a game. do you download them all, and if you do what do you do afterwards

  6. Nathan

    No matter how many times I attempt to run the application, or extract all files, it asks for a password. I have tried putting in “No PASSWORD” in multiple manners, but none work. Even the “abc_123_a.ogg” password for the “Extract all” option.
    I have read through the question and answers on this page, and none have really helped. I have watched the “How to download” videos, but it’s not relatable.

          1. Nathan

            As I said. I went through the FAQ, I read on the page how to do thing, and I did as told. I download it, it gives me an Undertale_www.FreeGamesDL.net folder, and I open it. There are a lot of OGG files, a Config Settings, a Text Document, Application Extension, WIN, and an internet shortcut to FreeGamesLD.net
            The last files in the folder given are steam_api.dll which is an applicatoin extension
            And Undertale. Which is the application.
            I try to open Undertale and it says, “This application may depend on other compressed files in this folder. For the application to run properly, it is recommended that you extract all files”
            It gives me the choice ti extract all, run, or cancel. If I extract all, I need a password. If I try to run it, I need a password.
            “File ‘UNDERTALE’ is password protected. Please enter the password in the box below.”

            I have tried the computer’s password itself, as you keep saying that there is no password or anything.
            This computer is a Windows Ten, if that means anything.

  7. Nay

    I’ve downloaded Hearts Medicine 2: Time to Heal.
    Couldn’t open because it says It’s missing COMBASE.DLL on the computer.
    I’ve downloaded the All in One runner, but still the same message.

  8. Bobby

    I downloaded a game called huniepop and it downloaded fine. When i run the game however it is just blank. I have downloaded the All in One Program and done all of that but it doesn’t make a difference. I have tried running it in administrator and not in administrator but it still doesn’t work. Any help?

  9. SKIDROW Your the BEST

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    ███████╗█████╔╝ ██║██║ ██║██████╔╝██║ ██║██║ █╗ ██║
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    ╚══════╝╚═╝ ╚═╝╚═╝╚═════╝ ╚═╝ ╚═╝ ╚═════╝ ╚══╝╚══╝

  10. rensol

    hello. i’m having trouble launching nekopara vol 2
    it said that steam must be running although i did the procedure on what to do with the crack

  11. The game Lucy -The Eternity She Wished For- is password protected. I downloaded it as a free download steam game from Skidrow. Now that .rar file has completely downloaded it won’t extract. It says it is password protected. If not password, I should enter a keyfile. But I don’t have any, please help. I’ve searched FAQs and followed the link in “how to download from skidrow repacks” and watched the video under FAQs, but nothing still.

  12. racsh221

    The Game 天使帝國四《Empire of Angels IV》When I Download Them Their Files, Not Rar File I Downloaded The 2 Files But How Do I Install Them Please Reply Thanx 🙂 I Tried Searching In FAQ’s But Cant Find The Problem I Have, Sorry For Bad English

  13. racsh221

    Just Downloaded A Game And When I Try To Start It It Just Pops Up The Steam Store For It How Do I Play Without The Steam Stuff

  14. Jaiden

    Hello, I tried downloading Danganronpa 2, but the links that I tried said that the file no longer exists. I’ve already downloaded games successfully from this website before.

  15. Meow

    Hello, I downloaded Heart’s Medicine and when I opened it, it said “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b), click OK to close the application”. So I downloaded the AIO runtime in one of your links and install it but the game still can’t be opened.

    1. Post author

      1. Download all (3) files, create new folder, move all files to new folder and extract (7zip or winrar).
      2. Run Setup Exe and play.

  16. Josephine Cooper

    I’ve been trying to install “Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines”, but all of the links got removed. Do you think you could by any chance reupload them?

  17. efmavmim

    Hello :3 First thanks for your hardwork. I tried download pub encounter for android but all links got removed. May you reload game? Thank you again. Sorry for my grammer.

  18. hime

    Hello 😀 I try to start Pub Encounter game and it keeps opening steam. What should i do to fix it? Thank you~

  19. milly

    Hello! I downloaded Cafe 0 The Sleeping Beast and when I launch it I get the message ‘application load error’. How can I solve this?

  20. Fiona

    excuse me sir, could you please check and re-upload the (part two) file? the link is broken at the moment
    thank you
    (sorry, i move my post there because i see that you seems more active there ><)

  21. Kuzu

    Hello,where i can ask for reupload?
    I want to download Planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~.
    But all the links are dead.
    Thank You

  22. CallMeShiro

    Is there a way to search for a game on this site ^-^ much appreciated, if not is there a way you could Direct Me To Dungeon Defenders if you have it. and also Sims 4

  23. vidin

    i am wondering since realese is conan exiles full game been even worked on simple ” yes or no ” will do 🙂 ty

  24. Rosa

    Hello, can you please help me? I downloaded Majestic☆Majolical and I don’t know how to start the game, it doesn’t have a menu from where I can start the it! This happens to all 3 volumes. Thank you!

    1. Rosa

      It doesn’t matter anymore. I found why it didn’t work, I had to change the System Locale to Japanese.

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