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SKIDROW – Visual novel Starlight Drifter Free download released on 26 July 2018 for PC windows by DARKSiDERS in direct links, torrent, full cracked and all DLC’s. Starlight Drifter Full Game is a sci-fi RPG, that puts you in the captain seat to make a name for yourself in the universe. The gameplay Starlight Drifter Full Version is primarily that of a visual novel, but includes open world aspects, so that you can choose what you do, what missions to take and in between missions who to chat to and potentially get to know better… Perhaps even intimately. All of which will determine how you make your mark on the universe and the games final ending.

Starlight Drifter

Review Game Starlight Drifter Full Version : A very good game with enormous replay potential due to the “size” of its universe and the number of characters involved. The character art and design is fun and has an excellent sense of emotion and gesture and fits well with the story arc. The story has a few very short places where it does turn linear but this is almost unavoidable in a storytelling game of this size and the linear sections are not jarring or unbelievable. There is a great deal of material and detail available which allows the player to deduce further details and clues about the story universe based on what has already been found or learned as they progress through the story, pointing to the creators’ good handle on the universe that their story creates and their care for their product. Truthfully, my only wish would be for this already very large game to have even more content, not because it is lacking but rather because of the desire to follow the story even further. Get Starlight Drifter Free Download and playing now Starlight Drifter Full Version.

Starlight Drifter SKIDROW Starlight Drifter Full Version

Title: Starlight Drifter SKIDROW Repacks
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Dharker Studio
Size : 673 Mb
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