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Tlicolity Eyes Vol.2 Free Download

Tlicolity Eyes Vol.2 Free Download

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Description PC Game Tlicolity Eyes Vol.2 Free Download :

Visual Novel Game Tlicolity Eyes is a part of “triAngle PROJECT,” a collaboration project between Otomate and Frontier Works. Each series will have 3 games released in span of 9 months for Windows under the same concept: one heroine, two heroes, and triangle love. Tlicolity Eyes theme is entertainment industry x love comedy x triangle love.

Story Tlicolity Eyes Vol.2 Full Version :

This is a story a bit ahead in the future.

Approximately 30% of the population have a magical power and are called the “Ability Users.” It is rumored that many of ability users are shining in the world of entertainment.

The heroines of the story – the Touchi Sisters – are also one of them, and each of them are struggling in the world of entertainment!
Their ability is a very convenient ability that .

However, there’s a secret behind that ability.

It’s that the side effect called “Tlicolity Eyes” makes the person who gets the effect will took the ability and trick the girls instead!

A triangle relationship as a side effect to the entertainment world!

Is this throbbing also a side effect? Or…

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Title : Tlicolity Eyes SKIDROW
Aliases : トリコリティアイズ, トリアイ, Toriai
Developer : Otomate
Publishers : Frontier Works Inc. & Idea Factory Co., Ltd.

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